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Feb 05 2016

My first FOSDEM experience

Last weekend (January 30- January 31) I attended FOSDEM with my XWiki colleagues. As you well know it took place in Brussels (Belgium), no attendance fee or registration was needed. 

It was interesting to meet many Open Source communities which may be different but have the same goal: collaborate and share information.

There were lots of conferences you could choose, starting from less technical ones to highly technical sessions. So you could definitely find a presentation that arouses your curiosity. ...

Jan 22 2016

XWiki at FOSDEM 2016 !

Hello everyone! Remember FOSDEM? That big free event which every year gathers thousands of developers of free and open source software from all over the world in Brussels? This year will take place at ULB Campus Solbosch on Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st of January 2016.


The XWiki team members will be there as speakers, as representatives at the stand or as attendances, ready to meet and share ideas with you

On Saturday, 30th of January, you will have the opportunity to meet our colleagues, Ecaterina Moraru, Interaction Designer @ XWiki and Caleb James DeLisle, Research and Developer Engineer and Team Manager @ XWiki, speakers at the FOSDEM event:

Take a quick glance at the summary of the presentations!

  • Peer to Peer Realtime with Blockchains:
    "Most realtime collaborative editors make use of a class of algorithms known as Operational Transformation. Most of these algorithms require that the server and the client run the same algorithm otherwise risk desynchronisation - the nightmare of realtime collaboration algorithm designers. I will propose a new method of finding consensus using a blockchain of the type originated in bitcoin. This algorithm uses the blockchain to find consensus on the state of the collaborative document or data-structure then applies the Operational Transformation on the client side without requiring any help from the server. Such a setup simplifies the server side, allowing multiple implementations of the server, for example in different programming languages, but it also allows the client-side to use encryption in order to keep the data secret from the server. Finally, I will propose an extension to this algorithm which, borrowing again from bitcoin, makes the system able to function purely as a peer-to-peer system, providing high resilience and greater security." (Caleb DeLisle)
  • Designer's compromises in Open Source:
    "We might need a designer to provide a clear vision and solve everything we couldn't agree upon. Also the designer might expect to be warmly welcomed inside Open Source projects, but the reality can be a bit different. We always have expectations on how the designer - community interaction should be, but in order to have a successful collaboration we need compromises, sometimes from the designer's part, other times from the community members.
    If we were to ask someone if Open Source communities need designers, the answer would be 'YES'. But do we know what it means to have a designer among us? What will he do? For how long? How true can he stay to his predefined design process? Are all the design stages relevant in Open Source? How open the artefacts he creates need to be? With what type of tools?
    We all have an image in our head about the type of designer we need for our community, but how much of that image corresponds to our real needs and with the designer's reality and expectations?
    In order to integrate in an Open Source community, a designer might need to revoke his design 'purity' and make some compromises, like doing a bit of development for example. Does working in a free or open environment mean that the work needs to follow the same rules? What is preferred: creativity or consistency? Does the designer have the final decision?
    Working in an utopian environment doesn't mean that we don't do compromises. So, how much do we compromise?"
    (Ecaterina Moraru)

During the two days of the event, the XWiki team members will be present also at the stand called Wikis and CMS, stand number 5, located at K (level 2) happy to discuss about the XWiki Open Source community, about the company and team.

The 2016 edition has to not be missed! There is no attendance fee and no registration is needed. Come meet us there!

Oct 28 2015

The XWiki SAS program at the Open Source Summit 2015

XWiki SAS will participate to the Open Source Summit 2015 at les Docks de Paris, the 18th and 19th of november.

During this event, we will have some presentations:

  • Wednesday the 18th during the "Buy Open Source" roundtable. Ludovic Dubost, CEO and Founder of XWiki SAS, will be part of the talks. This conference will happen in the Auditorium around 4:15PM.
  • Thursday the 19th during the "Open Source Web Editors: a new initiative" workshop. Ludovic Dubost and Caleb James De Lisle will start presenting at 4PM in the Barcelone room. ...

Oct 21 2015

XWiki team at the PhD Talent Career Fair 2015 !

On Friday, 16th of October, the XWiki team had the pleasure of attending the PhD Talent Career Fair the 2015 edition.

With a lot of enthusiasm, 4 members of the team (Caleb, Corina, Diana and Mihaela) were present at Cité Universitaire - Maison Internationale discussing Open Source, XWiki and how to find the right place inside the XWiki team. Young PhD students and graduates from various domaines were welcomed between 9.00 and 18.00 at the XWiki stand located in the Adenauer area.

Having representatives of the HR, Marketing and Research teams, the discussions were focused on the Open Source values and principles that guide XWiki and the current opportunities in the Research team: R&D Engineer and Junior R&D Engineer

Along with other players from the French market, XWiki was present also at the "Les Start-ups font leur show" with a 5 minutes maximum presentation. Caleb was the one who took the responsibility of spreading the word about the company and inviting people at the stand in order to get more insight on the Open Source world, the team and the company. Take a quick glance at Caleb's talk !

Thank you to the PhD students and graduates that came at the stand to interact with us and to the organisers for the event! 

Sep 23 2015

Paris Open Source Summit 2015

The XWiki SAS Team will participate to the 2015 Open Source Summit edition (November 18th and 19th) located at "Docks de Paris".

This is the first European event dedicated to Open Source.

Organised by Systematic Paris-Region and Tarsus, this year's edition will deal with Open Innovation issues: existing solutions, trends and revolutions proposed by Open Source softwares. ...

Jul 29 2015

XWiki Seminar 2015

Last week the whole XWiki team gathered in Breaza, Romania, for the 7th XWiki seminar, which took place at the Lac de Verde Golf resort.

This event is an unique opportunity for XWiki to get together its three teams (France, Romania and Algeria) in the same location in order to get to know each other better, having different team building activities.

The program for 6 days was pretty charged, mixing conference sessions with more or less extreme activities and an one-day trip.

We started with status presentations on each team (Marketing & Sales, R&D, support, etc.), following with sessions on more specific issues, such as new development techniques, improvement of project management processes, how to shorten the sales cycle, etc.

Each day ended with activities (golf, paintball, zip line, archery) or with a well deserved rest at the pool, sauna, jacuzzi or even massage.

As every year, we also took advantage to visit the picturesque surroundings from the Romanian Carpathians. This time we visited the Peles Castle and the salt mine Slãnic Prahova.

The week passed very fast, but fortunately we have lots of pictures that will remind us of all the good moments spent together.

XWiki Seminar 2015

May 20 2015

XWiki at the Open Tech Summit 2015

Last week, we participated in the Open Tech Summit in Berlin, an event for Open Source technology enthusiasts. The event featured talks, workshops and panels with topics ranging from open hardware to design, graphics, software, start-ups and digital policies.

Ludovic Dubost, the President and Founder of XWiki SAS, had a talk about the XWiki Open Source Collaboration Software. He also presented the way XWiki has been built using a fully Open Source business model without external financing. 

It was also a great occasion to meet interesting people and to visit a great city like Berlin! Many thanks to the organizers!

Apr 10 2015

Job Shadow Day 2015 - Partners for one day

Thursday, 9th of April 2015, was the day in which the XWiki Romanian team got involved again in the project aimed to help teenagers get more familiar with the workplace: Job Shadow Day - Partners for one day. The XWikiers were happy to share their knowledge and present their daily job activity at the XWiki office. ...

Feb 04 2015

XWiki at the FOSDEM 2015

Last weekend (January 31 - February 1), the XWiki team participated in the FOSDEM 2015 event, in Brussels (Belgium). It was a great opportunity to meet the different Open Source communities, to share ideas and collaborate.


We attended conferences, we were volunteers, and also spent quality time together enjoying the Belgian dishes and beers. Of course, we also shared some XWiki goodies (notebooks, stickers, pens).


FOSDEM is the biggest Open Source event in Europe and moreover, with free access, it gathers every year a huge number of participants. We estimate that this year the number of participants was between 5000 and 8000 attendees, based on the number of the unique MAC addresses.


Jan 09 2015

XWiki at FOSDEM 2015

XWiki SAS is pleased to announce that a part of the team will be participating in FOSDEM 2015, in Brussels (Belgium).

FOSDEM is the biggest Open Source event in Europe, where communities can meet, share ideas and collaborate. It is renowned for being highly developer-oriented and brings together 5000+ geeks from all over the world.

FOSDEM is free to attend. There is no registration. Just turn up!