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Nov 27 2014

Ziua Stafetei 2014 at XWiki

On Wednesday, 19th of November, the XWiki team got involved in a national initiative called "Ziua Stafetei".  This program is being annually organised, close to 20th of November, when the Universal Children's Day is celebrated. The aim of the project is to facilitate the social inclusion of vulnerable children and respect their rights. The initiative tries to recognise the potential of the children and encourages them to freely express their opinion about the situations which affect their lives. 

We were happy to meet 4 highschool students from Vasile Adamachi College, Iasi, Romania, who wanted to experiment how it is like to be an employee in an IT company. We started with a short company and team presentation, continuing with offering insight on the Development, QA and HR & Admin jobs inside XWiki. 4 XWikiers were the "ambassadors" of their job. 

Our colleague, Manuel was responsible of revealing the secrets of QA, showing how the test of the product is being done, how bugs are being identified and how documention for a certain feature is being written. Edy showed how an application is being created, published, installed, offering also details regarding the developer position inside XWiki. The HR & Admin team explained the processes related to HR, continued by a simulation of the sourcing, selection, hiring decision and after hiring processes.

We had a very nice time together with our guests and we hope to have played a tiny role in their professional future life!

Nov 17 2014

OW2Con 2014

Like in 2013, this year, the OW2con took place in Orange labs in Paris for a lot of interesting presentations about Open Source in France. There were speakers from last year who came to explain to us the evolution of their projects.

There were also new speakers with new projects and well-known actors in software engineering such as Microsoft and Jean-Baptiste Kempf (lead developer of VLC).  

XWiki was there too for 2 presentations. 

Ludovic Dubost gave an interesting presentation about financing Open Source project, based on his 10 years experience.
Caleb James DeLisle demonstrated CryptPad, a secure real-time web document editor based on the ChainPad technology which was developed for real-time WYSIWYG in XWiki. 

This conference was also an occasion for XWiki to attend a work meeting for the RISCOSS project with all the partners.


Sep 30 2014

XWiki Onboarding Training 2014

In order to help the new XWiki team members integrate better and faster, we recently organised the first edition of the XWiki Onboarding Training

During 08 - 19.09.2014, the new XWikiers better discovered what life at XWiki is like and interacted with the senior members of the team. They attended introductory sessions regarding the XWiki company and product, presented both from the company perspective and the Open Source community point of view. One of the goals of the XWiki Onboarding training was to create an environment for knowledge sharing and for learning the XWiki essentials.

The training ended with a feedback session, followed by an informal event, where we celebrated with pizza and games in the office.

XWiki thanks all the participants for their active involvement and for making this program possible! And last but not least:

New XWikiers - Welcome to the XWiki Dream Team!

Sep 26 2014

IOM Summit 2014 Recap

The XWiki SAS Team attended the 2014 edition of the IOM SUMMIT in Cologne, Germany.

This event was great, as it allowed us to find out more about the German digital workplace market and to meet people interested in collaboration & open source tools.

Keynotes from Jane McConnell (Strategy and governance adviser for digital workplaces, NetStrategy/JMC) and Dave Shepherd (Head of Frontline Help, Barclays UK Retail Bank) opened the conference with a status on the (R)Evolution of the digital workplace.

The conference continued with presentations by project leaders on how to define the digital workplace strategy and how to choose and successfully implement tools. Among them was Doris Wippermann from DS Produkte, who talked about their intranet project developed with XWiki.

The second day, Ludovic Dubost took part in the live demo session. 

This demo session featured several solutions, their key features, customization & administration capabilities. Ready to use applications, collaborative features and open source where amongst the topics mentioned by Ludovic during his intervention.

Of course, we also took some time to enjoy the city of Cologne, especially the Cologne Cathedral.

Enjoy them :-)


Bis bald!

Sep 11 2014

XWiki SAS will be at the IOM Summit in Germany


This year, XWiki SAS will participate in the Information and Organizational Management Summit (or IOM Summit), the German event that corresponds to the French Enterprise 2.0 Summit, in which we have also been involved for several years.

The IOM Summit focuses on intranets, collaboration and knowledge management, providing a platform of discussion for project managers and experts. The event will include the presentation of projects, as well as testimonials from company leaders.

Doris Wippermann, from DS Produkte (one of our client) will meet us there and will be talking about how they use XWiki in their enterprise

The event will take place between the 23 and 25 September 2014 in Cologne (Germany).

See you there!

Apr 11 2014

3rd edition of Social Now and 3rd participation of XWiki SAS

After Porto and Lisbon, this year's edition of the Social Now event was hosted in Amsterdam.

This event has an original format. It is a mix between traditional key notes and  conferences and demonstrations on how to use the collaborative solutions of several vendors to meet a fictitious (but very practical) use case. It brings together major stakeholders (Jamespot, Bluekiwi, eXo, Jive, SAP...) in a friendly atmosphere.

Each participant was required to give a presentation and then face questions from an independent jury.


3 years after our first meeting with the Cablinc company (fictitious company especially created for the purpose of this event), they "called us" again for our services which were needed for the opening of a subsidiary in Turkey. Additional issues to be considered were:

  • access to enterprise knowledge on the run
  • ability to communicate with operators in the field / factory
  • ability to bring back information from the field to management

A demo prepared especially for the occasion was presented by Guillaume Lerouge.


This European event is also an excellent opportunity to visit beautiful cities. Amsterdam was no exception and some of us took advantage of the breaks to go explore this awesome city :-)


Mar 18 2014

XWiki at the Open Source Iasi Event

The Open Source Iasi event took place on Saturday, 15th of March 2014, starting with 9:00 a.m, at Chopin Hall - Palas Mall.

Organized by Mozilla Romania, the Faculty of Computer Science Iasi and XWiki, the event welcomed around 80 people, with speakers from different parts of Romania and participants that are passionate about Open Source development. People actually working in the Open Source field offered insight into their work and specific examples of applications/features from their projects. Check out the full list of presentations!

Marius Florea, R&D Engineer at XWiki, presented the ways people can contribute to the XWiki Open Source project and explained how the XWiki software is developed. Flavius Olaru, Web Developer at XWiki, outlined the particularities of the XWiki Bookmarklet application.

The presentations are available here:

We are grateful to everyone that got involved in making this first edition of the event possible in Iasi!  

Enjoy the photos from the Open Source Iasi event:

Mar 04 2014

XWiki at Social Now 2014

We have plenty of good memories from last year's participation in Social Now. It was very challenging for our team (as presented below, the format of the event is very original). We had the occasion to meet and interact with many experts in collaboration, enterprise 2.0 and social business.

For the above reasons we have decided to participate again in the event. We will be traveling to Amsterdam at the beginning of April to take part in its third edition.

Again, in the company of other editors (12 enterprise tools will be presented), we will be showing how XWiki can be used to create an enterprise 2.0 environment, but within the context of Cablinc, a fictitious company made up especially for the event.

See you there!

Feb 21 2014

Interview with Ludovic Dubost on Aligning Social with Processes

Ludovic Dubost was interviewed for several minutes by Bjorn Negelman during the Enterprise 2.0 Summit about "Aligning Social with Processes". Here is the video, if you missed it.

Feb 17 2014

FOSDEM 2014: our presentations

As you may already know, a part of our team went to Belgium to attend FOSDEM. XWikiers took part to several sessions and also animated one on wikis. Here are the slides of the different talks, by Vincent Massol, Anca Luca, Ludovic Dubost and Marius Dumitru Florea.