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May 27 2016

How to Open PDF Attachments from the Wiki directly in the browser

Ever wondered how to get PDF attachments to open directly in the browser? Today we're opening the "XWiki Tips and Tricks" series with a guide on how to achieve just that.
Right now, when you want to open PDF attachments from your wiki you'll get the following default behavior:

  • if the PDF file was uploaded by users with no programming rights, then the file is automatically downloaded upon click
  • if the PDF file was uploaded by a user with programming rights (e.g. Admin) then the file is opened directly in browser upon click ...

Feb 23 2016

CKEditor is now available in XWiki

XWiki Enterprise and XWiki Collaboration Suite now feature the CK Editor.

What is CKEditor?

CKEditor is a ready-for-use HTML text editor designed to simplify web content creation that we integrated for you in our products. It brings a lot of features designed both for end-users and developers.

This allows us to focus on our main goal: make the best open source wiki in the world. And you'll now benefit from the best open source WYSIWYG editor as well. Isn't this good news?

What are the CKEditor features?

CKEditor features lots of amazing functionalities like:

  • Safe undo function. With CKEditor, you don't need to worry about mistakes because every single action can be safely reverted, guaranteeing that you'll never break things or lose your texts.
  • Easy tables. There is no better way to explain and demonstrate data than using tables. With CKEditor users can create accessibility-compliant tables, as well as design them to better present their content.
  • Quality XHTML output. CKEditor uses advanced W3C DTD controls to ensure that HTML is properly generated. Users will not enter broken code so your pages will easily validate.
  • Strong accessibility. Accessibility standards like W3C WCAG and US Section 508 were given attention from the very beginning. The visually impaired can use screen readers, high contrast and keyboard navigation.

If you want to find out more about the CKEditor features, go visit this section.

Note that CKEditor is also a highly customizable tool.
We are sure you'll find something that will suit you with:

  • lots of plugins
  • the different skin options. You can even make it look like a Microsoft Word Editor! No excuses if your coworkers don't contribute to your wiki.

CKEditor Open Source licenses

You know that XWiki is 100% Open Source.
Guess what?! CKEditor is too.
It is distributed under the GPL, LGPL and MPL Open Source licenses.

What if you are using an old XWiki?

You can go visit this page.
You can install it via the Extension Manager if your version is XWiki 6.2.5 or higher.

What does it mean for our WYSIWYG editor?

CKEditor is for now an alternative WYSIWYG editor ours remaining the default one. It can be installed with the Extension Manager.
Starting XE 8.1 is will be bundled into XWiki Enterprise and XWiki Collaboration Suite but will become the default editor in 8.2 according to our schedule.


Dec 07 2015

10 Basic Questions You Need to Ask When Choosing a Wiki

With dozens of easy to use and affordable wiki solutions, many companies opt for wikis to store procedures and best practices. This post explores the key factors you should be looking at when choosing the best wiki for your business. ...

Jul 28 2015

Top 10 reasons you'll love XWiki Collaboration Suite

As we've launched XWiki Collaboration Suite, the new packaged version built on top of XWiki Enterprise, we would like to show you the top 10 reasons you should choose it. Easy to use, powerful, improved... are only some qualities. ...

Jan 21 2015

The XWiki File Manager Application

The XWiki File Manager Application lets users organize files inside XWiki using a tree hierarchy of folders. The app supports all standard operations, such as move, rename, copy, delete on both files and folders. 

Drag & drop can be used to upload new files, as well as modify the folder hierarchy. A wide range of files types can be viewed or played straight from the wiki. This includes PDF and office documents, audio and view files.

On the application home page you'll notice the tree of folders on the left and the file livetable on the right. To get started you should create a folder, after which you will be able to upload a file in the folder you have just created.

You can organize the folders by drag and drop or you can use the context menu to create new folders or to rename them.

The livetable lists the files associated with the currently selected node in the tree. To upload a new file in the current folder you will have to click on the New File button from above the livetable.

Clicking on a file link from the livetable will take you to the file view. Here you can view or play the file. Most of the standard file types are supported.

For a more detailed list of features please read the File Manager Application extension page. We also recommend installing the application using the Extension Manager.

Oct 01 2014

Introducing XWiki 6.2: New Flamingo Skin by Default

Meet the new XWiki Enterprise! Starting with XWiki 6.2, Flamingo is the default skin. This release adds various responsive UI improvements. The "Applications Bar" has been set by default on the left panel. A new Flamingo Theme Application has been created to manage color themes. XWiki 6.2 also brings an Icon Theme Application, with Font Awesome as default. 

New modern look and feel

The Flamingo skin is based on the Bootstrap Framework. Originally created by a designer and a developer at Twitter, it has become one of the most popular front-end frameworks and open source projects in the world. The Bootstrap Framework brings a modern look-and-feel to the Flamingo skin and makes the UI responsive.

Improved navigation: the applications bar

With the new left panel you get a better overview of the applications installed on your wiki. Users can quickly switch between extensions, with all apps being just a click away.

Easy to customize

Want to change your wiki theme? The Theme Application introduced in the latest release delivers a new, better experience.

Awesome new icons

XWiki 6.2 comes with an Icon Theme Application and a new default icon theme, Font Awesome.

Mobile friendly

With its changed look-and-feel and responsive UI, the Flamingo skin can also be used on mobile devices. As you reduce your browser window, you'll notice XWiki scales accordingly. 

With XWiki 6.2 you also get an improved login form, a new structure for apps created with AWM and many other improvements, so make sure you check it out!

[UPDATE] The XWiki 6.2.4 stabilization version has been released. Find out more by reading the release notes.

Jun 03 2014

XWiki Features Survey 6X Report

At the end of last year, we launched a survey to find out what were the most anticipated features for the XWiki Enterprise 6.X cycle. 

With the 5.X cycle coming to an end, we wanted to get some clues as to what changes our users and contributors were interested in. 

This article presents the results of the survey and summarizes the roadmap for the 6.x cycle that followed it.

Features ranking

Several features were listed and grouped by theme before being presented to respondents (XWiki SAS customers and members of the XWiki community). 

The graph below shows the ranking of the most anticipated features:

Classement Final.png

Improved loading time for XWiki's pages and an improved WYSIWYG editor were among the most voted features.
However the integration with third-party proprietary applications, the offline mode and improvements of XEclipse were voted as less necessary by our users.

Topic rankings

Themes Rating Final.png

Ease of use and good quality were the two topics standing out in this ranking.
The flavors and extensions/applications were also very voted.
We noticed there were higher expectations from our customers in terms of universal access and mobility and less from the XWiki community members.
In contrast, social features were not considered an important topic for this project cycle.

The XWiki Enterprise 6.X roadmap

Taking this survey into account, the XWiki community has decided the following theme for the 6.x cycle: Slick, Slim and Secure

The following items were listed in the roadmap:

 * Performance improvements across the board: page load time, scalability, activity stream rewrite, memory usage rationalization.
 * Introducing the flavor mechanism (as already discussed here) with the idea of removing the maximum number of extensions from the base and being able to build a minimal, lightweight wiki, but also to have a few flavors.
 * Slickness achieved with the new skin, syntax highlighting + autocompletion, easier rights UI and more.
 * Spending time improving various security aspects, including the addition of Signed scripts.

 In short we’ve realized that XWiki has grown along the years and it’s becoming a bit heavyweight in various aspects. So the idea would be to focus on performance and ease of use in order to slim it down and ensure it’s kicking fast!

Apr 23 2014

Working With Jira in XWiki

XWiki provides the best way to organize information, while using JIRA you can capture and organize issues for your projects in an easy manner. The JIRA macro offers the possibility to get JIRA issues directly into XWiki. With this extension you get the best of both worlds in order to better follow your team activity on projects and foster collaboration.

XWiki users don't need to leave the wiki to see what's happening on JIRA. Using the macro you can keep your team updated and easily produce reports of issues, with your choice of included fields and field ordering. The information fetched from the JIRA server may be displayed as a table, list or enumeration. You can also specify the fields you want to display for each JIRA ticket, choosing from a variety of fields, such as: summary, key, type, status, assignee, reporter, created, updated, resolved, fixVersion, component, votes, resolution, link and version.

JIRA Macro as a table, using defaults 

JIRA Macro as a list, using defaults 

JIRA Macro as an enumeration, using defaults 

Try it out

You can easily install the JIRA macro using the Extension Manager.

New to XWiki?

Download XWiki to try out the JIRA macro. You can also check out the extensions wiki for more cool macros and applications.

Apr 16 2014

XWiki SAS completes the acquisition of Nearbee!


XWiki SAS has acquired the main assets of Nearbee and part of its product development team.

Founded in 2007, Nearbee is specialized in cloud services for businesses, providing vertical solutions to respond to large core activity needs. The solutions offered by Nearbee are based on the XWiki Enterprise technology, which makes it perfect for the integration in XWiki SAS.

"The acquisition of this business will further strengthen XWiki SAS’s service offers to our customers." said Ludovic Dubost, the president and founder of XWiki SAS. 

To continue its fast development, XWiki SAS acquired Nearbee's key assets in early 2014.

What does this acquisition mean for XWiki?

New solutions will soon be available for our clients: Some of Nearbee's features and solutions will be integrated in our catalog. In particular, the "Franchise" and "E-learning" solutions will very soon be a part of the solutions proposed by XWiki SAS.

Our teams are currently adapting and integrating these solutions into our service catalog.

XWiki SAS, an increasingly international company

Our team is growing: we opened a subsidiary in Algeria to host Nearbee's technical experts. Six IT engineers, most of them very experienced (with over five years of development experience on the XWiki Enterprise technology), have joined our teams. They are accompanied by Nearbee's technical support manager. 

XWiki SAS has now a new office on a new continent, bringing the number of locations to three: Paris (France), Iasi (Romania) and Algiers (Algeria).

An expanded customer portfolio

In addition to the technology and Nearbee employees, we also get part of the company's client portfolio. More than a dozen of Nearbee's customers have already joined the XWiki SAS adventure and we hope that many others will also join us soon. 

XWiki SAS makes a lot of effort to ensure a seamless service continuity for customers who have already made ​​the transition to our services.

About XWiki SAS

XWiki SAS was founded in 2004 to help organizations to better organize their information. 

We are the main sponsor of the XWiki Enterprise Open Source software. The latest release of XE is the 5.4.4 version. This version brings many improvements and new features to our customers and our users in 2014! 

Among the latest improvements, XWiki Enterprise now allows you to open wikis on demand and easily install apps straight from the wiki. Discover the XWiki Enterprise software.

Mar 10 2014

Speed and Simplicity with XWiki 5.x

Today, we're happy to talk about five top features from the XWiki 5.x cycle. The mission the XWiki Open Source community set for the 5.x cycle was to improve XWiki's usage for new and regular users by working on usability and usage speed. Votes went to making XWiki simpler and faster both from a pure performance point of view and from the user interface point of view, with the final theme being summarized as speed and simplicity

Improved search experience

Having both speed and simplicity in mind, an important component of the 5.x cycle has been improving the search experience. Starting with XWiki 5.1, the default XWiki search is based on Apache Solr. The new search returns more relevant results, faster. Finding content has never been easier. The new search UI is simple and intuitive. Once you've got the results it's very easy to filter them. On the right side you have multiple filters to refine your search. You can apply them with a simple click and the results will be immediately updated.


Creating wikis straight from XWiki Enterprise

A second goal was to make the process of creating multiple wikis as simple as possible. The 5.x cycle introduces the ability to create wikis straight from XWiki Enterprise. With the Workspace Application integrated in XWiki Enterprise, it's now very easy to create new wikis without the need to install additional extensions.
A brand new wizard is now available from the "Add" menu that allows the creation of wikis.




New menu application

Ever wanted to add extra menus to your wiki, but couldn't find a simple way to achieve this? With the new menu application anyone may easily create navigation menus. Menus can be displayed either horizontally as a top bar after the page header, or vertically in a side panel. 




Improved Extension Manager

Advanced XWiki users will be happy to learn the Extension Manager has been improved in the 5.x cycle. The Extensions Manager is a feature that allows you to install, uninstall, upgrade and downgrade XWiki extensions.
The Extensions Repository and the XWiki Public Nexus Maven Repository are supported by default, so all it takes to install the needed extensions is to perform a simple search and install.


Easy Wiki upgrades using the Distribution Wizard

Starting with XWiki 4.2, the Distribution Wizard (also known as DW) was introduced as an experimental feature which helps users migrate their XWiki instances to newer versions without having to manually import the XAR (wiki pages) corresponding to their new version.
The good news is work was continued throughout the 5.x cycle, which means the DW feature is now stable and ready to use. You can upgrade your wikis when running the Distribution Wizard on the main wiki and you can also run the Distribution Wizard on each of your wikis separately. A new last step has been introduced to display all the changes made to the wiki and give the chance to do rollbacks.


Try out XWiki 5.4.4 to learn more

You can download the latest version of XWiki from and read the release notes for the full list of features developed in the 5.x cycle.