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Oct 31 2016

Employee Development - Easier than ever!

Employee Development is still an area that needs more investments from companies to ensure higher ROI and better performances. Supporting the employees in discovering their career paths does not only impact the individual, but also the organisation. Often perceived as a bureaucratic action, the consequences of poor employee training results in lost revenue and inefficient talent acquisition.

Your competitive advantages, from a HR point of view, are strictly related to the type of rough talent you have in your team. You can always use the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator to get a few insights on the psychological preferences of your employees in terms of team roles, but the necessity of polishing that rough talent is absolute mandatory. Nobody can expect a newly employed individual to reach the corporate objectives if he has no idea how to or has no support to do so. Therefore, at XWiki, we are very supportive when it comes to Employee Development.

Here are a couple ideas that we use:


It doesn’t matter what size your company is, the only important thing is your will to provide support to those newly employed individuals. Mentoring or coaching sessions are one of the best ways to know what are the key strengths of a new employee. Furthermore, it’s easier to communicate the expectations and explain the level of quality you are looking for when you interact on a one-on-one basis. You can schedule these sessions using the meeting extension.

The application offers a calendar view helping you to overview the entire week and easily manage the upcoming meetings. If you want to see more details about a particular session, you simply click on it and find every piece of information there is about it. 

This is how we manage the meetings
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We use on-boarding sessions to provide the new employees, the knowledge, the skills and the general feeling perceived as necessary to smoothly integrate. The HR department makes the general introductions, followed by a meeting with the department leader and the other colleagues.

This is the time when a new employee gets a deeper insight on the company's organisation, the way of working, internal rules, practical information, as well as on the expectations we have. We use the calendar view to be able to avoid any conflicts.

We use the calendar view to have an overview of the day, week or even month.
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Technical training

As XWiki is a complex technical software, we need all of our employees to have a basic level of tech understanding. In order to understand the general activities each department performs, the employees are encouraged to participate to different training sessions (either training related to the tools that we use or the ones related to the XWiki solutions).

A detailed view of the meeting application is being use so that we can have a structured, time efficient meeting and check all the details concerning it.

Find out the structure of the meeting or any other details
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Coping with a high amount of data that comes from the employee development process becomes easy with XWiki. The best solution is to drop the conventional ways and use the versatile character of XWiki.

By adding applications from the store or create our own with App within Minutes, we are able to efficiently store candidates’ information, meanwhile analysing the progress of the current employees.  We are glad to be able to take decisions based on solid facts which improves the quality of the work and the overall morale in the organisation.

Since the beginning, XWiki has been designed to satisfy a wide range of needs. The question is how do you use or plan on using XWiki to meet your HR needs?

George Nikolic

Marketing Specialist @ XWiki


 We use the calendar view to have an overview of the day, week or even month


 We use the calendar view to have an overview of the day, week or even month

This is how we manage the meetings

Click on the image to enlarge

This is how we manage the meetings

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Jul 27 2016

The XWiki Seminar 2016

All the XWiki team was involved last week in the 8th edition of the company seminar. 

The XWiki Seminar 2016 was built around the Task Force - Commando theme and challenged the team members with several missions to successfully fulfil within a week!

After an active participation at the morning status sessions, demos and hackathons, all the forces were called together for several team missions: creating an unique symbol, identification sign for the team (the XWiki Coat of Arms), getting to know more about the personality, strengths and weaknesses through a test, building and flying paper aircrafts and creating quick, simple and tasty desserts to celebrate the accomplishments and the 12-year existence of the company. ...

Feb 05 2016

Fosdem 2016: from behind the stand table

This year was a special year at Fosdem because, although I've been going to Fosdem for about 7 years or so, it was the first year that XWiki managed to be in the stands row, sharing tables in K building with other wiki and CMS projects: DokuWiki and

So this year I've seen the Fosdem crowd from a different angle than usual, from behind the stands table, showing the XWiki software to people, explaining what it does and how it can help them. ...

My first FOSDEM experience

Last weekend (January 30- January 31) I attended FOSDEM with my XWiki colleagues. As you well know it took place in Brussels (Belgium), no attendance fee or registration was needed. 

It was interesting to meet many Open Source communities which may be different but have the same goal: collaborate and share information.

There were lots of conferences you could choose, starting from less technical ones to highly technical sessions. So you could definitely find a presentation that arouses your curiosity. ...

Dec 21 2015

XWiki X-Mas 2015

Secret Santa, presents, joy, activities and games, dinner, lots of fun together. It's what the Christmas Mood brings to XWiki!

With an enthusiastic spirit, the XWiki team gathered and celebrated Christmas together! Getting to know better each other, socialising, enjoying a nice meal or just sharing wishes and thoughts, the evenings of 16th and 17th of December were full of building moments together!

We will let the photos talk for themselves, so enjoy the slideshow !

The XWiki Advent Calendar still enlightens and inspires our days until Christmas. Have you opened the box today? emoticon_smile

You can also to take a quick look here and remember what the XWiki team did last year for Christmas! 

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

The HR & Admin Team

Oct 30 2015

Halloween 2015 at XWiki

We could not resist celebrating the 2015 XWiki Halloween this year also!

The XWikiers were challenged to enter in their creative Halloweenish mood through either bringing a Halloween item at the office and immortalising the moment with a photo or by choosing a representative Halloween image to be used as their Skype profile. And this is not all! Some XWikiers tried out the Mystery escape room, entering in a challenging race with limited time, lots of adventures, adrenaline, fun and... mystery!

We invite you to enjoy some of the photos of this year's XWiki Halloween and rediscover the ones from our previous years!

Stay tuned! More photos will be added to the XWiki Halloween 2015 album soon!

Jul 29 2015

XWiki Seminar 2015

Last week the whole XWiki team gathered in Breaza, Romania, for the 7th XWiki seminar, which took place at the Lac de Verde Golf resort.

This event is an unique opportunity for XWiki to get together its three teams (France, Romania and Algeria) in the same location in order to get to know each other better, having different team building activities.

The program for 6 days was pretty charged, mixing conference sessions with more or less extreme activities and an one-day trip.

We started with status presentations on each team (Marketing & Sales, R&D, support, etc.), following with sessions on more specific issues, such as new development techniques, improvement of project management processes, how to shorten the sales cycle, etc.

Each day ended with activities (golf, paintball, zip line, archery) or with a well deserved rest at the pool, sauna, jacuzzi or even massage.

As every year, we also took advantage to visit the picturesque surroundings from the Romanian Carpathians. This time we visited the Peles Castle and the salt mine Slãnic Prahova.

The week passed very fast, but fortunately we have lots of pictures that will remind us of all the good moments spent together.

XWiki Seminar 2015

Apr 10 2015

Job Shadow Day 2015 - Partners for one day

Thursday, 9th of April 2015, was the day in which the XWiki Romanian team got involved again in the project aimed to help teenagers get more familiar with the workplace: Job Shadow Day - Partners for one day. The XWikiers were happy to share their knowledge and present their daily job activity at the XWiki office. ...

Feb 13 2015

The new President of the Paris JUG is a XWikier!

One of our XWikier, Charles Sabourdin, has recently been named as president of Paris JUG, the Java community that gathers passionate Java developers in Paris (professionals, open source communities, institutions, students, teachers. ..). ...

Dec 23 2014

XWiki December Day 2014

2014 was a year full of challenges and accomplishments and what better way to celebrate than having a dedicated XWiki Day when all the team gets together? So, WE MADE IT HAPPEN!

The XWiki December Day was the day when the XWiki France, Romania and Algeria teams had the opportunity to virtually spend a whole day together. Enhancing the winter holidays spirit, we tried to value as much as possible this day, expressing in the same time our thankfulness and sharing of any kind: Thankfulness to the people that contributed to what XWiki is now and that continuously show their involvement and dedication & sharing of ideas, knowledge, gifts and moments.

We enthusiastically started our day with the "XWiki Global" session, where Ludovic Dubost, Founder and CEO of XWiki, together with Guillaume Lerouge, Director of Sales and Marketing, presented the recent news concerning the company and the current status of the sales, followed by a discussion between the team members on these topics. 

We continued our day with the All Hands Meeting led by Vincent Massol - the "Roadmap/ Brainstorming for XWiki 7.x": with the Open Source spirit, every team member was coming with proposals for improving the XWiki product, discussing and voting on what we should focus on for the next period and outlining the priorities.

In the end, we focused on creating memorable moments that certainly will stay with us for a long time, we enjoyed the gifts that we received from Secret Santa and the XWiki Dinner, which this year gathered the XWikiers of each office, in the same time.

If next year you want to share the same moments with us, check out our openings and find your right place in the XWiki team!

Until then, Merry X-Mas to all of you and a Happy New Year!