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Dec 16 2013

X-Mas Tree 2013 at XWiki Iasi Office

The whole XWiki Iasi office is very happy to welcome our star at the office: it's green, sparkly and makes people happy. No, it's not Vampire Hulk (he was not available despite our calls), it's the Iasi Christmas Tree! The whole team started the celebration by listening to some classical Christmas carols, as well as some more modern carols, setting up the mood for the actual event, which was over before you could say "The best way to organize information" thanks to our teamwork. 

Don't believe us? We have pictures to prove it:

And if the pictures aren't proof enough, here's a video to showing just how awesome it is to be at the XWiki Iasi office during the Winter Holidays (coffee might have been involved):

We're now eagerly waiting for Santa as we're sure we've been good boys and girls this year, so we hope coals won't be wrapped under our tree anytime soon!

XWiki X-Mas messenger,

Dec 13 2013

XWiki 10 Years

Happy 10 years XWiki !

10 years ago, in 2003, after a few weeks of experimenting to create XWiki, the first commit of XWiki was done on December 15th.
This started the longest ride of my professional career which is still ongoing.

With the help of all employees in France and Romania (and in some other places around the world), of all our customers, of all our users and contributors, also of some friends and people we met during all these years, we have brought XWiki to a place I'm really proud of.

I won't go much into all the progress and all the things we achieved in these 10 years (you can find a glimpse of it from the beginning of this year on our blog and on our Timeline page.
It's been a lot of sweat and a lot of efforts with some downtimes but way more uptimes and great moments. The result is worth every one of it.

I want thank all the people that helped us during this ride. We would not be there without you.

I will also look forward to see all the great things we can achieve in the next 10 years.

During our party yesterday, we wrote a bit (with humor) on our board where XWiki would be in 10 years. See the result:


Thanks also to our organizers of the parties in Paris and Iasi, particularly Benjamin, Diana, Miruna, Moncef and thanks to all our visitors that came share this important moment with us.


Dec 10 2013

XWiki at Winter Web Workshop

During two days, on 7th - 8th December 2013, the XWiki team got involved in the Winter Web Workshop, event organised by Mozilla in collaboration with the Faculty of Computer Science Iasi, Romania.

The event started with the presentation sessions where specialists from academy and IT industry were speakers. From the XWiki team, Ecaterina Moraru opened the event talking about the concept and evolution of CSS, Andreea Popescu brought some insight on how someone can get involved and contribute in Mozilla and Ionut Maxim revealed aspects of the A/B testing for UX & CRO and decision taking process.

Their presentations are available here:

The presentations were followed by a Web Hackathon, starting from 18:00 to 12:00 next day, at which students participated with a lot of enthusiasm. 6 teams formed of 1 to 4 members proved their talent in developing several Web applications which are meant to be integrated in the Firefox Marketplace: cooking and recipes applications, greeting cards generator, games or decision maker applications.

The passion of the participants was quite obvious and admirable, mostly demonstrated by their involvement and time allocated to the projects. Based on well settled criteria, the jury awarded the teams, making the experience fulfilling for each participant.  The first prize (a mobile phone with Firefox OS) was won by a highschool student for the advanced cooking application that he developed: "", the second one for the team that created the game entitled: "Bubble battle" and the third prize for the team with one of the greeting cards generator.

The XWiki team was happy to see the results of their work and we all congratulate them for their dedication!

Let's enjoy together the testimonials and photos from the event!

Each event that I organised was different and challenging. As organiser, I see WWW as a success, but it could have been better, because there are things that can be improved every time. The atmosphere was very friendly, the information explained by speakers was very good and the participants were very interested about it - Andreea Popescu

Every time I return inside the Computer Science Faculty doors there is a special feeling I have. In my opinion this kind of events are a blessing for the students and also for the presenters. There is a level of energy coming from people that care about what they are doing and from people that always want to learn and improve themselves (even in week-ends). Mr. Buraga is a great host and the person responsible for bringing together industry and academy in the eternal search for innovation, continuous learning and discovery - Ecaterina Moraru

Nov 04 2013

Halloween 2013 at XWiki

Do you remember what happened last year for Halloween at the XWiki Iasi Office

Well... that was just the beginning! This year we celebrated Halloween both at the XWiki Iasi and the XWiki Paris Offices

Spiders, bugs and spooky phantoms could not miss the opportunity to invade the two offices, this time with more enthusiasm than ever. Their invasion was not that scary though, as the tables were filled with Halloween candy which distracted everyone's attention.

Five teams were brought together in the Pumpkin Carving activity, each team doing their best to prove their creativity while designing the most original or scary pumpkin face. The results?

Take a look at our photos right below!


What will next year's Halloween bring? Stay tuned, you ain't seen nothing yet!

Aug 21 2013

The XWiki Lamp at Iasi Office

The XWiki Iasi Team is happy to have a brand new homemade XWiki lamp at the office!


In April 2012 the Paris team built the XWiki Lamp and now, it was the XWiki Iasi Team's turn to create one. Full of enthusiasm and positive thoughts, the team gathered at the office willing to make the most of this activity.

Guided by what was done at the Paris office, the XWiki Iasi Team started to collaboratively work together in shaping what has become the XWiki Iasi Lamp. All our creativity was employed for two evenings: the team had to use the hot iron to glue the edges of the wooden board, cut the exterior edges with a knife, take measurements and draw center points, diagonals, position the small parts of the X arms, make holes and check the LED colors. Setting up the wiring for the LEDs was quite a challenge, but the team managed to successfully finish the lamp while having plenty of fun.

As pictures say more than words, we invite you to take a look at how the building of the lamp went in the XWiki Iasi Office!

Aug 01 2013

The XWiki Seminar 2013 at Daneș, Sighișoara

Enthusiasm, nature closeness, horse-riding, ostriches, statuses and planning, Summer Joy are just a few words that describe the XWiki Seminar 2013! The Seminar brought together once again the teams from Romania and France, welcoming at Daneș, Sighișoara also two other special guests: Caleb James Delisle, who constantly offers his help in the XWiki Research team and Denis Gervalle, who is actively involved in the XWiki Open Source community. Having Caleb and Denis made the Seminar even more special!

As in the previous years, during 10 days we organised and attended to team status presentations, workshops, brainstormings, trainings and several discussions about the XWiki company and product. We all took advantage of this event to learn more about what the other teams are doing and what difficulties are encountered, to discuss future directions and brainstorm for next period actions. The cross-team interactions could not have been missed, the XWiki Hackathon being organised this year as well and adding the XWiki BarCamp as a new surprise session.

The XWiki team worked hard, but also had a lot of fun! 

During the previous Seminar the team got involved into the XWiki Olympics, while this year the XWiki Treasure Hunt was the main teambuilding activity. Divided into teams, the XWikiers had to fulfill successfully several activities in order to gain golden coins and at the end to get the clues that led to the hidden treasures. 

The fun part was completed through some very nice activities organized for the XWiki team, such as horse riding, visiting the two Romanian medieval cities Sighișoara and Sibiu or dancing until morning and sharing the joy at the XWiki Summer Party. All the activities brought the smile on our faces and helped us get to know each other better.

We ended the Seminar with enthusiasm and positive attitude, eager to do our best for the next period!

Check out some of the XWiki Seminar 2013 photos!

Apr 29 2013

XWiki Team in April 2013, Iasi

On April the XWiki Iasi team welcomed Vincent Massol at the office. Glad to have him for the second time in Iasi and for the first time at the new XWiki office, the team tried to take the most out of the time spent together. Networking, work and fun are just a few words that outline what happened during his stay in Iasi.

Iasi Office April 2013.jpg Outings.jpg

Since sharing knowledge is a key aspect, the XWiki team members were happy to participate to several internal trainings and have technical discussions with Vincent on specific topics of interest. Moreover, Vincent joined local IT enthusiasts, having his first presentations in Romania at Codecampwhere he talked about how to improve the quality of a Java project  and at the JUG meeting, discussing about XWiki as a web development platform and how to develop the XWiki open source project.

Codecamp 20.04.jpg JUG 24.04_2.jpg 

A nice XWiki dinner, inhouse trainings, code chats, ping-pong sessions and drinks also added value to this month. The local XWiki team is looking forward for the next similar opportunities!

Apr 05 2013

JobShadow Day 2013 at XWiki Iasi Office

The JobShadow Day could not have been missed this year as it has already become an unwritten tradition at XWiki Iasi Office! Thus, on Wednesday, 3rd of April, we welcomed 4 great highschool students willing to learn more about XWiki and certain job positions within our company.

The day started with an office tour, the visitors getting familiar to the environment where they were going to spend a couple of hours together and met some of the members of the XWiki team. Afterwards, we had the pleasant occasion of finding more about each one of them and about their future plans in terms of career development. We were impressed of their background up to now, their enthusiasm and motivation.



The XWiki Iasi Team members offered an insight into their current positions, explaining their professional path and answered to any questions that the students had. Junior Web Developer, System Administrator (Platform Engineer), QA Engineer and Web Designer were the positions the highschool students were offered the opportunity to shadow.

The XWikiers were attentive enough to offer as many details as required and the students to take the most out of their presentations.



Going through some of the photos taken with the XWiki team and a little bit of WII fun-time filled in the past hour of visit.

The XWiki Iasi Team enjoyed the enthusiasm of the four highschool students and we all hope that the time spent with us would have a positive impact in their careers!

Apr 02 2013

XWiki Year In Review 2012

It's been a long time since I last wrote about XWiki SAS' and the XWiki project's achievement, back in 2009, although I have written more recently about the XWiki SAS company and its motivations.

It has been quite a ride. During this time, XWiki has become a grown-up and independent small business and we are very proud of it. 

Since 2009, XWiki has been profitable every year, while growing steadily with no external investment and improving our product and services. We're still maintaining all our software Open-Source and keeping an Open Development process. 

Product and extensions

On the product side, since 2009 we have been able to continue improving our product, allowing the "best" Open Source wiki engine to extend its use cases beyond the simple wiki principle. Since XWiki 2.0, we have released 18 major versions of XWiki Enterprise and XWiki Enterprise Manager, which have all brought their load of innovations:

  • XWiki 2.x cycle
    • Many user interface improvements with the Color Theme Editor, new Profile UI, new Search UI
    • The new Annotations feature
    • The Activity Stream
    • Invitations
    • New Template based creation
    • Clustering
    • Preview of Office documents
  • XWiki 3.x cycle
    • Application With Minutes allowing easy application development
    • Extension Manager to install and update applications available on our extension repository
    • Workgroup spaces with XWiki Workspaces in XWiki Enteprise Manager
    • Gallery Macro and Office Presentation Viewer
    • Personalized User Dashboards
    • Many user interface improvements with the new Administration UI, Live Searches, New modern color themes
    • XWiki's move to GitHub to make it easier to contribute
  • XWiki 4.x cycle
    • More improvements in AppWithinMinutes
    • More improvements in Extension Manager with the Distribution Wizard allowing to install/upgrade an XWiki installation
    • User Profile customization and User Directory
    • LDAP Administration UI
    • Many user interface improvements like hiding technical information for non-technical users and the Application Panel and new Users and Date pickers
    • Support for templates in XWiki Enterprise Manager Workspaces allowing to create customized workspaces
    • User Interface Extensions allowing to extend the XWiki UI without modifying the XWiki Skin
    • Improvements to the XWiki REST API allowing to create better mobile or desktop clients following XWiki activity
    • Experimental new Search engine based on SOLR

Since 2009, many extensions have been published on our extensions wiki, including applications such as the Forum, FAQ, Meeting app, File Manager, Calendar, etc.

It's a huge number of improvements for XWiki, making it the "best" Open Source wiki even more and allowing XWiki to address more and more enterprise needs. 

XWiki is one of the rare fully Open Source Enterprise Web Applications with an Open development process. The company provides services to Enterprises, supports this Open Source development process and invests heavily in it. At XWiki SAS we believe it's important that we don't have different code in the software that anybody can download, from what we install and support at clients or run on our XWiki SAS Cloud. Since I created the XWiki software, and then at XWiki SAS, we have kept this, guaranteeing our users and clients freedom of choice.

Research and innovation

As part of our research and development effort, XWiki SAS also participates in Collaborative Research Projects funded by French and European public entities. These projects allow to boost the development of the XWiki Software, as well as prepare for the future by allowing us to experiment with new technologies. Since 2009, when we had already worked on a few research projects, we have had the opportunity to participate in multiple very interesting new projects:

  • Wiki 3.0: which allowed us to bring in new features already released in XWiki, like the Dashboard, Annotations, Activity Stream, as well as prepare for the future with the XWiki Real-time editing, which we are continuing to work on.
  • CompatibleOne where we participated to the OpenCloud effort to build more Open-Source and Open-Standards technologies for Cloud Computing, as well as build the XWiki for Cassandra prototype that allows to run XWiki on top of a Cassandra Database. Not all XWiki features are supported and we won't make it our default database soon, but this is probably the most advanced Wiki running on NoSQL.
  • Resilience, which will allow the building of Web Viewers and Editors that can be integrated easily in an open-standard way in Content Management Systems, including of course XWiki, and bring new features to some of the editors, including Real-time editing.
  • Streams and RiscOSS to which we contribute as partners.
  • EESC which will help integrate the XCLAMS platform underlying the Curriki and Sankoré projects with LILI, the leading open-source software for Education Numerical Environments (ENT in French) used by the major French regions.

All these projects allow us to continue to innovate on new technologies.

XWiki's adoption

On the adoption front:

  • XWiki is more and more popular. From a search query that did not yield more than 20 results, the "xwiki" query now has more than a million results on Google.
  • XWiki is a top download on OW2 with 30K downloads per month and has recently reached more than 1 million downloads.
  • Since the launch of the Extension Manager we have been able to see more and more contacts on performing extensions searches on our Extensions Repository, showing more and more active installations.
  • More and more prospects are contacting us with advanced use cases that XWiki can achieve for them, expanding what XWiki's being used for.
  • Multiple companies have been building solutions or providing services on top of the XWiki Platform in France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Sweden.

The company: what's new?


We have made great progress on the business front:

  • Since 2009 we have doubled our revenue and for 2013 we are getting close to surpassing the 2 M euros line. 
  • Since the beginning of XWiki we have implemented more than 400 projects for XWiki SAS clients in France, Europe and in the USA.
  • We estimate the business around XWiki from XWiki SAS, all companies building on top of the XWiki platform or companies providing services based on XWiki at over 10 M euros, more than doubled since 2009.
  • In 2012, we have been able to convince more companies that our solution is the right choice, even when compared to the number one proprietary software vendor and when the scope of work was large. Our expertise in information sharing, as well as the collaboration and the power of the XWiki Platform helped convince them.

XWiki SAS team

On the team side:

  • In 2011 we have moved our employees in Iasi, Romania to a new office, "The XWiki House", tripling our office space. In 2012 we moved our Paris office to a great building next to the Beaubourg Pompidou Center, more than doubling our office space.
  • Since 2009 we have expanded our annual seminar to 10 days. After organizing the 2009 seminar in Paris and the 2010 one in our Iasi office, we did the 2011 sessions in a great hotel in Bran, next to Dracula's Castle and the 2012 seminar in the Danube Delta. Our annual seminar has become a very important gathering of our teams from Paris and Iasi, as well as our remote workers, allowing us to set the course for the next year.
  • Since 2009 we have expanded our teams and provided more benefits to our employees, as we grew from a promising "startup" to a stable company.

XWiki's uses

XWiki's main use case is Enterprise software, allowing users to better organize and collaborate on information. There are many many companies, and a large portion of which we don't know, that use XWiki and we have implemented many projects and provided support for a large number of companies for this use case. XWiki is also used outside of Enterprises and particularly for Education.

We have been very proud to be able to work for both Curriki and Sankore, helping building Curriki and Planète Sankoré, two US and French projects which aim to facilitate the sharing, organization and collaboration on Educational Resources. In Sankoré in particular it is now possible to share the content of a class created with the Open Sankore Digital Whiteboard software with just a few clicks. 

We have also been proud to be able to help organizations such as CDLSWorld, the Community Legal Clinic, Transparency International, all international projects that help improve our society. ONGs and Open Source have many common values and goals when it comes to sharing code, knowledge or contribute to our society. These projects are of course not high revenue projects, but it is exciting for a company like ours located in Paris, France and Romania to be able to work with organizations anywhere in the world and help them achieve their goals.

In 2013

We start 2013 with a very busy first quarter, after just having sold our best quarter ever and with a very heavy workload planned for the next 4 months. This will also be a very busy sales quarter as we renew many support and hosting contracts at the beginning of the year. We are working hard on very exciting projects and continuing to improve the XWiki Products with the start of the 5.x cycle, which will bring exciting new things and many improvements that will make XWiki even easier to use. 

As the creator of the XWiki Software, I've been spending less time on the XWiki code since 2009, which I have left to Vincent Massol, our CTO, and to our committers. I'm very proud of their work since 2009 and I'm very grateful to both the XWiki SAS employees and our contributors for the energy they have put into improving XWiki. I've been spending more of my time making sure XWiki SAS sustains itself, as well as promoting XWiki and XWiki SAS' services, as I believe this is very important for XWiki's adoption and the ability to fund its development. I'm very proud of the progress we have made and of the work of our Sales, Marketing, Platform, Support and Client teams who are working hard to promote XWiki, sell our services and deliver these services to our clients.

What makes me even happier, is that we have been able to build all this with the help of our customers, partners and community, while staying faithful to our open model and to our Manifesto.

I look forward to continuing these great efforts in 2013 with the help of our community, our clients and our partners.

Ludovic Dubost
Creator of XWiki and Founder and CEO of XWiki SAS

Mar 12 2013

Hello Spring at XWiki Iasi office!

We all love spring as it is the season when everything comes to life and all the good mood installs immediately.


At the beginning of this season we celebrate not only the Romanian "Martisor" Day, but also the Women's day. At XWiki Iasi Office, we value the importance of any event that bring people together. Thus, besides the traditional "martisor" that everyone received, on 1st of March, we all enjoyed some delicious cookies together and some of us solved the mistery of a puzzle.

DSCF4849.JPG  XWiki Team Puzzle.jpg 

On 8th of March, the girls at XWiki were happy to receive a special treatment with wonderful flowers, great cookies and coloured macarons!

DSCF4885.JPG  DSCF4889.JPG  

Let's hope we will stay in this joyful mood during the whole spring!

If you would like to welcome spring with us, find your place within the XWiki team! The current openings at Iasi Office are the Support Engineer position and the Front-End Developer position!