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Jul 28 2015

Top 10 reasons you'll love XWiki Collaboration Suite

As we've launched XWiki Collaboration Suite, the new packaged version built on top of XWiki Enterprise, we would like to show you the top 10 reasons you should choose it. Easy to use, powerful, improved... are only some qualities. ...

Jan 21 2015

The XWiki File Manager Application

The XWiki File Manager Application lets users organize files inside XWiki using a tree hierarchy of folders. The app supports all standard operations, such as move, rename, copy, delete on both files and folders. 

Drag & drop can be used to upload new files, as well as modify the folder hierarchy. A wide range of files types can be viewed or played straight from the wiki. This includes PDF and office documents, audio and view files.

On the application home page you'll notice the tree of folders on the left and the file livetable on the right. To get started you should create a folder, after which you will be able to upload a file in the folder you have just created.

You can organize the folders by drag and drop or you can use the context menu to create new folders or to rename them.

The livetable lists the files associated with the currently selected node in the tree. To upload a new file in the current folder you will have to click on the New File button from above the livetable.

Clicking on a file link from the livetable will take you to the file view. Here you can view or play the file. Most of the standard file types are supported.

For a more detailed list of features please read the File Manager Application extension page. We also recommend installing the application using the Extension Manager.

Dec 02 2014

Latest news from the XWiki community (November 2014)

Because our community is important, we have decided that each month we will be sharing some news from the XWiki community. To start we would like to mention several events:

  • Bug fixing day: in November, there were 4 Bug Fixing Days (the latest one was held on November 28). The goal of these special days is to have the maximum number of XWiki committers and contributors work together on a focused topic for the day.
    58 bugs (33 real fixes) were closed;
  • XWiki 6.3 was released and is now available. This release provides a great stabilization of the Flamingo Skin, and includes other improvements that are presented in the release notes;
  • For two days (Oct 31 - Nov 1, 2014) XWiki community members were present at the Design Jam event in Iasi, Romania. They presented the design process inside open communities.

See you next month!

Nov 27 2014

Ziua Stafetei 2014 at XWiki

On Wednesday, 19th of November, the XWiki team got involved in a national initiative called "Ziua Stafetei".  This program is being annually organised, close to 20th of November, when the Universal Children's Day is celebrated. The aim of the project is to facilitate the social inclusion of vulnerable children and respect their rights. The initiative tries to recognise the potential of the children and encourages them to freely express their opinion about the situations which affect their lives. 

We were happy to meet 4 highschool students from Vasile Adamachi College, Iasi, Romania, who wanted to experiment how it is like to be an employee in an IT company. We started with a short company and team presentation, continuing with offering insight on the Development, QA and HR & Admin jobs inside XWiki. 4 XWikiers were the "ambassadors" of their job. 

Our colleague, Manuel was responsible of revealing the secrets of QA, showing how the test of the product is being done, how bugs are being identified and how documention for a certain feature is being written. Edy showed how an application is being created, published, installed, offering also details regarding the developer position inside XWiki. The HR & Admin team explained the processes related to HR, continued by a simulation of the sourcing, selection, hiring decision and after hiring processes.

We had a very nice time together with our guests and we hope to have played a tiny role in their professional future life!

Nov 04 2014

Halloween 2014 at XWiki

Last week, the XWiki team quickly got in the Halloween mood and enjoyed the mystery filled atmosphere in the office!

Candy, pumpkin carvings, spiders and ugly creatures welcomed the XWikiers this year. Remember their visit the previous year? emoticon_smile Rediscover last year's happenings here!

Halloween was celebrated both at the XWiki Paris Office and at the XWiki Iasi Office. Check out the photos!

Let's celebrate next Halloween together at XWiki! Find your place in our team and become an XWikier!

Oct 01 2014

Introducing XWiki 6.2: New Flamingo Skin by Default

Meet the new XWiki Enterprise! Starting with XWiki 6.2, Flamingo is the default skin. This release adds various responsive UI improvements. The "Applications Bar" has been set by default on the left panel. A new Flamingo Theme Application has been created to manage color themes. XWiki 6.2 also brings an Icon Theme Application, with Font Awesome as default. 

New modern look and feel

The Flamingo skin is based on the Bootstrap Framework. Originally created by a designer and a developer at Twitter, it has become one of the most popular front-end frameworks and open source projects in the world. The Bootstrap Framework brings a modern look-and-feel to the Flamingo skin and makes the UI responsive.

Improved navigation: the applications bar

With the new left panel you get a better overview of the applications installed on your wiki. Users can quickly switch between extensions, with all apps being just a click away.

Easy to customize

Want to change your wiki theme? The Theme Application introduced in the latest release delivers a new, better experience.

Awesome new icons

XWiki 6.2 comes with an Icon Theme Application and a new default icon theme, Font Awesome.

Mobile friendly

With its changed look-and-feel and responsive UI, the Flamingo skin can also be used on mobile devices. As you reduce your browser window, you'll notice XWiki scales accordingly. 

With XWiki 6.2 you also get an improved login form, a new structure for apps created with AWM and many other improvements, so make sure you check it out!

[UPDATE] The XWiki 6.2.4 stabilization version has been released. Find out more by reading the release notes.

Sep 30 2014

XWiki Onboarding Training 2014

In order to help the new XWiki team members integrate better and faster, we recently organised the first edition of the XWiki Onboarding Training

During 08 - 19.09.2014, the new XWikiers better discovered what life at XWiki is like and interacted with the senior members of the team. They attended introductory sessions regarding the XWiki company and product, presented both from the company perspective and the Open Source community point of view. One of the goals of the XWiki Onboarding training was to create an environment for knowledge sharing and for learning the XWiki essentials.

The training ended with a feedback session, followed by an informal event, where we celebrated with pizza and games in the office.

XWiki thanks all the participants for their active involvement and for making this program possible! And last but not least:

New XWikiers - Welcome to the XWiki Dream Team!

Aug 05 2014


The XWiki team is back home from Valea cu Pesti, Transfagarasan, where the XWiki Seminar 2014 took place!

While last year, we went for an equestrian journey, in the center of Romania, Danes, Sighisoara and two years ago, in a more excentric location, the Danube Delta, this year we chose the mountains and we held the XWiki Seminar 2014 in the Transfagaras Area, near the Vidraru lake.

What did we do this year? We spent again great time together! We had team statuses and brainstormings, discussing our accomplishments from the last Seminar and our plans for the near future. We showed our hidden artistic abilities at the XWiki's got talent event, we partied all night wearing our own favorite color. We built shelters, we sang, we created videos and we discovered the painter inside us. 

Also, we enjoyed the nice view from our rooms and the landscape from the conference room. We made photos at the Vidraru dam. We climbed over 1400 stairs to reach the Poenari Citadel and we discovered the Curtea de Arges city. The day ended with a boat trip which became really adventurous due to the weather. 

Discover through our photos the XWiki Seminar 2014!

And if you want to become an XWikier and join us next year at the Seminar, find your place in our team!

Apr 16 2014

XWiki SAS completes the acquisition of Nearbee!


XWiki SAS has acquired the main assets of Nearbee and part of its product development team.

Founded in 2007, Nearbee is specialized in cloud services for businesses, providing vertical solutions to respond to large core activity needs. The solutions offered by Nearbee are based on the XWiki Enterprise technology, which makes it perfect for the integration in XWiki SAS.

"The acquisition of this business will further strengthen XWiki SAS’s service offers to our customers." said Ludovic Dubost, the president and founder of XWiki SAS. 

To continue its fast development, XWiki SAS acquired Nearbee's key assets in early 2014.

What does this acquisition mean for XWiki?

New solutions will soon be available for our clients: Some of Nearbee's features and solutions will be integrated in our catalog. In particular, the "Franchise" and "E-learning" solutions will very soon be a part of the solutions proposed by XWiki SAS.

Our teams are currently adapting and integrating these solutions into our service catalog.

XWiki SAS, an increasingly international company

Our team is growing: we opened a subsidiary in Algeria to host Nearbee's technical experts. Six IT engineers, most of them very experienced (with over five years of development experience on the XWiki Enterprise technology), have joined our teams. They are accompanied by Nearbee's technical support manager. 

XWiki SAS has now a new office on a new continent, bringing the number of locations to three: Paris (France), Iasi (Romania) and Algiers (Algeria).

An expanded customer portfolio

In addition to the technology and Nearbee employees, we also get part of the company's client portfolio. More than a dozen of Nearbee's customers have already joined the XWiki SAS adventure and we hope that many others will also join us soon. 

XWiki SAS makes a lot of effort to ensure a seamless service continuity for customers who have already made ​​the transition to our services.

About XWiki SAS

XWiki SAS was founded in 2004 to help organizations to better organize their information. 

We are the main sponsor of the XWiki Enterprise Open Source software. The latest release of XE is the 5.4.4 version. This version brings many improvements and new features to our customers and our users in 2014! 

Among the latest improvements, XWiki Enterprise now allows you to open wikis on demand and easily install apps straight from the wiki. Discover the XWiki Enterprise software.

Apr 14 2014

Heartbleed Bug: what we did


You have certainly heard of the the Heartbleed bug. It is a very important security issue with the OpenSSL protocol, which is basically used for SSL certificates (accessing web pages using https://).

This bug affected a very large amount of servers on the Internet and the attacker might have been able to read the memory of the server, thus gaining access to the private keys, which would in turn render the encryption useless.

At XWiki SAS, we immediately upgraded the OpenSSL version to a patched one that doesn't show this problem anymore. We will continue to monitor the situation closely to ensure everything is OK. 

Even though there is no reason to believe that any of your account data or personal information has been compromised in any way, it is still a good idea to change the passwords you use to log in to XWiki, as a precaution, as changing your passwords regularly helps ensure privacy and protect your personal information.