10 ways XOffice improves your XWiki experience

Feb 10 2010

XWiki Office or XOffice for short is a XWiki.org project that integrates Microsoft Office with XWiki, by:

  • Bringing the XWiki addon to Microsoft Office
  • Enabling the Microsoft Office power editing and rich content creation for XWiki

There are many reasons why you should use XOffice. I've bundled a list of my favorites and put it into a blog post to whet your appetite:

      1. Using the software you are accustomed to

If you are anything like me you enjoy editing text from the browser, but you'd rather be working from the editor you have grown accustomed to. XOffice helps you contribute to the wiki straight from your Microsoft Word editor.

2. Working offline

You find yourself with no internet access, but you'd still like to be able to contribute to your wiki. Provided you are using XOffice you can do all the writing offline from Microsoft Office and later get your work on the wiki with a few clicks.

3. Easy wiki navigation

Going from one page in your wiki to another has never been easier. The Wiki Explorer displays spaces, pages and attached files in a tree fashion on the right side of your screen.

4. Simple page editing

To edit a page all you have to do is right click on the page name in the Wiki Explorer and select "Edit this page".

5. Downloading Attachments

You can download attachments straight from the Wiki Explorer. Any attachment in your wiki is a few clicks away.

6. Text editing

To make use of all the benefits of text editing on the wiki you need to enable the toolbar features. When using Microsoft Word you already have access to all the text editing tools you need. Change the text to your liking and click "Publish document".

7. Reviewing content

Microsoft Word helps you save time by providing you with all the tools that help you deliver good quality content, be it a matter of spelling, grammar, research, translations, etc. Once you have reviewed your content click "Publish document" and the reviewed text will be shown on your wiki. 

8. Find & Replace text

This is a useful feature, especially when you are editing large documents.

9. Image editing

With Microsoft Word and XOffice you can now perform image editing and immediately see the changes on your wiki. You don't need to use additional image editing tools. This also saves you the effort of attaching the image more than once. After you have attached the image the first time it is enough to click "Publish document" after you have modified it and all the changes will be reflected on your wiki.

10. Adding shapes, equations and much more

But don't take our word for it. You may download XOffice and test it yourself. We'd love to hear your feedback. We would also appreciate any suggestions on how we can make XOffice an even better tool to match your needs.