A new website for XWiki

Feb 20 2009

If you did not see it yet, go and watch it! It is worth the visit. All XWiki team made a great job during these last weeks to make this new website pleasant to visit and consult but especially to give you a site bringing answers to all your questions concerning XWiki and its offers.

The result is here!

The strengths of the new website!

A new design

This this what you see first. More professional and enriched by our return of experience on your needs. Our Design team, carried out by Laurent Lunati, completed an exceptional work: associations of colors, illustrations, page layout, navigation... We let to you appreciate this exercise of style. ;-)

A richer content

The previous website gave access to exhaustive contents. The new site gives access to relevant contents with respect to your needs. Our objective: to facilitate your research and give you a maximum of critical information in a minimum amount of time. This is why we have:

  • Developed headings like the section "About". By consulting it, you will know the history, the values and the XWiki's ecosystem.
  • We added new sections like that on the "Solutions" page. Our expertise in the collaboration world, makes it possible to propose to you intelligent offers tailored for the needs of companies vis-a-vis their current economic conditions.

A clearer organization

It appeared important to us to better distinguish our solutions from our services and products. Until now, visitors had little information concerning the uses of a wiki. We identified the main needs our customers were faced with. Among them, you can find solutions like Knowledge Base, Collaborative Wacth, Intranet and Collabrative.

A more flexible navigation

Three different menus allow you to navigate easily in XWiki.com:

  • A main menu which gives access to the main sections of the site;
  • A secondary menu which lists their sub-sections;
  • An "informational" menu that allows you to consult the most interesting links related to the page you are visiting.

Coming soon

XWiki.com wants to be a website related to our current world and activities. Thus, it will change regularly both at the level of the contents (you will find very soon businesses cases in the section "Clients" ) and at the level of the offered functionalities.

A refined offer and accessible to the greatest number of people

We have also:

  • Augmented and refined our offers: for instance, the "Consulting" offer has been optimized. Now It takes into account all the stages relating from the conception to the implementation of a collaborative project. 
  • Revised our pricings completely. We wished to make them available to the greatest number of people. For example, some of our trainings passed from 1500 € to 270 € per person, mutualized hosting passed from 1000 € to 600 € or the solution XWiki Enterprise passed from 6K& euro; to 3,5 K& euro; with Silver support included.