About Artem

Oct 02 2008


Hello all!

I'm Artem Melentyev, from Yekaterinburg, Russia. I'm working (half time) on XWiki Platform with Storage&Query specialization since May 2008.

Also I'm at 2nd year of study on master of computer science at Ural State University.

My study topic is extensible languages and I use my knowledge in new experimental XWiki Query Language which is extended JPQL syntactically.

I'm also working on new XWiki storage system based on Java Content Repository  standard.

I met XWiki at spring 2005 thank for Google Summer of Code grant. XWiki attracted me by great programming abilities. It was and is greatest wiki ever for me. I attended at GSoC 3 times:

  • 2005: Independent Query Language (QueryPlugin) project.
    • I implemented xpath to hql translator using Jackrabbit query engine. This language has some limited expressive power and became obsoleted now by XWQL.
  • 2006: JcrStore
    • I implemented experimental storage based on Jackrabbit content repository. Design was not so good and contained much code duplication with Hibernate based storage. Now, I'm working on a completely revised version of JcrStore.
  • 2007: Storage improvements.
    • I added features such as minor edit feature, recycle bin for deleted documents, new versioning system for documents.

I like programming and hard tasks. That is why I participated a lot in various programming contests. My greatest achievement was paticipate in ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest World Finals in San Antonio, Texas at 2006 and 5th place in Semi Finals. ACM competitions gave me a great algorithmic, math and programming knowledge.

Just after my ACM ICPC career ended I joined XWiki as a remote developer. I like this work. I always wanted to be an open source developer. And now, I am! Thanks to XWiki for its great wiki and its great team.