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New Contributors to the XWiki Open Source Project

We are happy to announce that new contributors have joined the XWiki Open Source Project. As many people in the open source world know, it is one thing to create a software and open-source it, it is another to build a community to participate to the project, especially since there are more and more great open source projects out there.

This is why the news of having a significant number of contributors is really important for this project.

The new contributors are (listed alphabetically):

  • Alexis Kartmann, ex-CTO of Maporama, who contributed the Locking and the LDAP module.
  • Erwan Arzur, who has worked with me for more than 8 years at Netscape and NetValue, will help us out on scalability and the platform.
  • Jens Kraemer has created two plugins: the l'indexation Lucene Plugin which provides full-text search of XWiki and many attachment formats and the email notification plugin.
  • Jiri Luzny, an enterprise XWiki user, has contributed the automated Table of Content (TOC) as well as improvements to the PDF export. He is preparing some more contributions..
  • Roy Russo and other from JBoss Inc. are going to contribute their changes to make the JBoss Portal Server the second portal server to be compatible with XWiki after eXo Platform.
  • Stéphane Laurière et Christophe Clermont, from Mandriva (ex MandrakeSoft), will soon send us back their modifications to XWiki for the soon to be launched new Mandriva Club fully based on XWiki technology !!!
  • Vincent Massol, well known for his open -source Cactus and Cargo, and his contributions to Maven. He co-authored JUnit in Action and Maven, a developers notebook which should be published in June. Vincent has helped us out to transfer the XWiki code to SVN and ObjectWeb.

    Let's not forget the XPertNet contributors:

  • Jérémi Joslin has started an internship on XWiki and works on the packaging of XWiki Applications. He also likes RSS a lot and contributed improvements to the RSS/Atom plugin.
  • Luis Arias, responsible for business development at XPertNet, also likes coding and has contributed the Atom/LifeBlog plugin.

Of course I don't forget all the users that have sent me issues and suggestions. Thanks to precise information about what was going wrong we can correct things much faster.

XWiki Joins the JBoss Open Source Federation


March 1, 2005 - Paris, France

XWiki joins the newly created JBoss Open Source Federation, launched today by JBoss Inc. to federate open-source development. XWiki uses Hibernate as one of it's main component and has been made compatible with the JBoss Portal Server and is used as the Wiki component of the JOSF web site. Joining the JSOF acknowledges XWiki's compatibility and complementarity to the JBoss Entreprise Middleware System (JEMS). Further partnerships will be pursued in the future.

The JBoss Open Source Federation are supporting and training services provided by JBoss Inc. for open-source products that are compatible with JEMS. JBoss will be providing that infrastructure and will integrate support and services to help projects bring their products to market. ...

New XWiki Interface

Last week was released the new XWiki interface. I spend quite a lot of time implementing this new interface which was designed thanks to the comments of many users of XWiki. I wanted to thank all people who gave me feedback about the previous look and feel. 

Most changes have been to the "feel" part I believe. Other changes have been to better handle the behavior of browsers when the content overflows. 

For this and other design tricks, some web sites where of great help:

I'd like also to thank the developpers of Firefox, the Web Developer Toolbar and especially the DOM Inspector which allows to understand precisely what's going on with your CSS rules. 

I'd like in contrast to not thank Microsoft for the horrible bugs I had to work around in Microsoft Internet Explorer. I'm thinking especially about this ">br /<" tag I had in my content that made IE6 crash (it took me about 1 hour to remove the HTML tag by tag to find the source of the problem) or the "position: relative" CSS directive that I cannot put for blocks of content if I don't want the drop down menu to show behind the content instead of on top of the content, or finally about the many unimplemented directives of CSS2.

It was really time to Take Back the Web. has moved's move today went smoothly and we are now hosted on a more powerful platform. 

All wikis should now be accessible using the new platform. In some rare cases it might take some time for the domain name servers to take the new address of our servers. In this case the old platform will still serve the content in "read-only" mode. 

This move was only the first step to better performance. We will now look to improve our handling of search engines which will reduce the load on the servers. We will also work on setting up a cluster to improve the reliability. 

Thanks for your patience while waiting for this important upgrade.

The XWiki Team

XWiki integrates S5

S5, created by Eric Meyer, is a slide show format based entirely on XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 

XWiki now allows to create S5 presentation without any knowledge of HTML using the form system of XWiki.

To check out the XWiki S5 tool:

  • first view a example presentation.
  • edit our example presentation
  • create your own presentation using the XWiki S5 tool. is moving

As you have certainly noticed, the performance on the current platform used to host is inadequate. We have a strong commitment toward providing you the best performance, and this is why we are going to move the platform to a new data center in Netherland (for those looking for an hosting environment, they are very affordable and very professional). We are going to run a new architecture based on a cluster of front-end servers (1 httpd + 2 running JVMs) connected to a very powerful database server.

Read more about the move here

California Trip from July 3rd to July 9th

Thanks to a new customer we have signed in the US, we will be working on an exciting new project which will also allow us to improve XWiki. 

To work with this customer I will be in San Francisco (Union Square) from July 3rd to July 9th. I'd be happy to meet with some XWiki fans. It can be to talk about or about our standalone Open Source version.

Don't hesitate to drop a comment or contact me if you want to meet.

Wiki Sym 2005 - Ward Cunningham

I arrived at the Wiki Symposium, listening to Ward's session. Some quotes:

  • "a wiki is a work sustained by a community"
  • "one's words are a gift to the community"
  • "to collaborate on a work, one must trust"

More information as it comes. back to version 0.9.840

We had some issues with the latest upgrade and we had to revert to the older version. We will fix these in the coming weeks and hope to upgrade again very soon.

Google Summer of Code results

This summer was very busy thanks to Google sponsoring 7 XWiki projects as part of the summer of code program.

We would like to thank Google for sponsoring these projects, from which 5 of them were successfull and will lead to very interesting additions to XWiki.

You can see the results of these projects on

It will take some time to fully integrate these developments in an XWiki release and on But expect to see the WYSIWYG Editor, the Chart Wizard, the new Query language, the Agile Project Management application and a P2P XWiki client gradually release from now to the end of the year.

Thanks a lot to Google and to the Summer of Code students. improved stability and performance

We are happy to announce that should have improved stability and performance from now on. We have solved an issue with search engine crawlers indexing too many pages of the web sites. There was especially a crawler from a major Internet Portal which did not seem to listen to robots.txt files and wanted to generate all PDFs from wiki documents. We are now making sure this won't be possible. 

We will be looking for additional improvements in the coming weeks. 

Heading to the Wiki Symposium in San Diego

I'm travelling tomorrow, heading to San Diego to first work with a client on our XWiki project and then to go to the Wiki Symposium on Oct 17th/Oct 18th.

We will participate to the SpeedDemos on Monday afternoon Oct 17th at 3.30pm.

We will be happy to present the advanced features of XWiki at this occasion.

Downtime Tuesday Sept 20th

We had an unplanned downtime on Tuesday Sept 20th. Since we were ready to move back to our better database server, we used the opportunity to do this.

We are now running on a better database server. Sorry for the unplanned downtime which we hope did not cause any annoyances. 

Mandriva Club launched using XWiki

The new version of the Mandriva Club, the Mandriva user's club, just launched on Thursday.

Congratulations to Stephane, one of the XWiki contributors, and to his teammates at Mandriva for this hard work. It's a great adaptation of XWiki. We are really proud to see Mandriva using XWiki.

Not only the Mandriva Club now uses XWiki, but it uses the advanced features of XWiki. He has used the classes systems to improve the comments system (adding threaded comments and multilingual comments), build the RPM vote system and the user's blogs. 

Go and look the cool features he has build in the Mandriva Club, and ask him to send us some of the code to build some generic XWiki applications ;-) ! upgraded to XWiki 0.9.981

It's been a long time with no post. We have been very busy working on the XWiki code, especially thanks to the Google Summer of Code projects.

So we have upgraded the server to the new XWiki version (it will be released soon on

This version contains a lot of bug fixing (especially it solves an annoying problem when taking too long to type a blog article), but also some new features. 

Among these new features there is support for SVG Graphics (a new plugin we coded with a client during a training), JFreeChart Charting (thanks to Sergiu and his Google Summer of Code project), support for Backlinks (which is not activated yet) , many performance and stability improvements, and many other "under the hood" changes which will allow great new advanced stuff.

We will have some demos for the new features in the next few weeks. More importantly with this version, we will continue the work on integrating the Google Summer of Code features, including a WYSIWYG Editor and also start working on the new User Interface (some news later on this).

Session on XWiki and Web Services Integration at XTech 2005 in Amsterdam

Ludovic Dubost, founder and CEO of XpertNet, the company bringing you XWiki, will be presenting a Core Technologies session at XTech 2005 in Amsterdam entitled "XWiki, a Wiki to integrate Web Services Information" at 9 am on May 26th 2005. This session will show the vision of the integration of Wiki content with external data using Web Services API with practical examples using 

  • Flickr, 
  • RSS Calendar, 
  • Bloglines, 
  • Delicious 

and more to come !  We hope to see you there... ...

New hosting for is coming soon has had some performance issue in the recent weeks due to the growing success of the wiki offering. We also had a hardware failure last Friday which was fixed during the night, showing the current level or reliability available on the platform.

First, I'd like to reassure you about the safety of the data. Regular backups of the wiki databases are performed and copied to a different place.

Now we of course want to improve the reliability of the platform and allow more people to join the great wiki adventure.

I'm pleased to announce that I have find a new hosting for at Software Libre in Holland (XWiki will become truly international this way !). Software Libre is as we are involved in the Open Source community as their Zero Profit Model has the goal to reinvest their commercial proceeds on Open Source.

We will there have more powerful hardware and memory, better reliability using redundant servers, better safety using mirrored disks, better capacity using bigger disks and more power as well as better bandwidth.

The migration won't happen overnight since we still have many details to workout to make sure everything works find. We will inform you if there is any service downtime.

The XWiki blog is opening

I should have done that much much earlier.. I was writing on my personal blog in french about XWiki but I was not blogging in english.

So no I'm opening the XWiki blog which is built with XWiki. This blog will talk about the XWiki Farm, the XWiki software, new features, success stories of XWiki and about other interesting Wiki initiatives.

Don't hesitate to comment in this blog and tell us what we should do in XWiki. 

Better Availability

We have solved some issues on our software setup and availability should be much better. I'm not 100% sure the issues at the hosting provider are solved.

We plan to move to a professional hosting during the month of March to make sure the XWiki service can grow.

Performance Issues and Improvements

There have been some performance issues since the last release of XWiki that was installed on this server. The database was heavily loaded by the wiki engine because of a change in the code.

This issue has been fixed and some additional changes are making the caches much more efficient. 

So the performance of should be much better than it was in the past days but also better than it was before the latest release of the code.

A new release for the engine will be release next week with these changes for people having a local install of XWiki (Note that on a local wiki, the performance problems are not as a big issue than on which handles many wikis).

Thank you for your patience.

XWiki Professional Services signs a European Client

I'm happy to announce that we have signed IRCAD, a medical research institute as our first european client for our professional services offering. We hope to have very soon some other clients to announce.

IRCAD has been using XWiki for a while at their IT departement and being very satisfied with the tool wish to deploy it more widely on the Intranet. For this we will provide support and training for the administrators and developers.

Also IRCAD was interested in some enterprise features which will also benefit the whole community (we have specific discounts for developments that are reusable). IRCAD is financing the LDAP integration as well as a Edit Lock feature.

Thanks to them for their support. We are confident this will be a long-term relationship.

An non-profit organization looking for some tech help

One of the XWiki users is the International Institute for Peace Through Tourism. They are looking for a volunteer to help them on some IT issues they are facing. IIPT seeks to harness the power of world's largest industry, travel and tourism, as a global force for peace, poverty reduction, and sustainable development. They are mainly a network organization and want to use online tools for sharing information, collaboration and communication. For this they are looking for somebody who can help them on moving to use more open source software, setting up online collaboration tools and a central database and making their website more interactive. Part of this work could be done on their XWiki web site.

Please send an email to {} if you are willing to help out.

XWiki mentionned on has been mentioned on as an open-source Wiki engine along with MediaWiki and TWiki !

Too bad they didn't mentioned Wiki Farms and XWiki in particular with it's 1000 wikis.

Availability Issues

We are still having availability issues on XWiki. XWiki was down for way too much time today. We are unsatisfied with the current level of service.

One of the reasons is that XWiki is having more and more success both in number of wikis and in page views.

We will be working hard in the month of February to work on a better platform for XWiki adapted to the number of users we have. It will take some time to set this up but once it is done it should be a high availability service.

Thanks for your support


Designing the default Wiki

I'm currently working on the new default wiki for It will include blogs, photo album, calendar, user profiles and of course Wiki pages from anywhere.

We would love your feedback about the current design:

The XWiki Team

Full Text Search Plugin using Lucene

I'm happy to announce the XWiki Lucene Plugin, developped by Jens Krämer.

This plugin brings full-text search to XWiki improving querying content as well as attachments (PDF, MS Word, OpenOffice Writer, XML/HTML).

We plan to use the Lucene Plugin to provide full-text searching accross all wikis of 

If you have your own installation of XWiki, you can try his Lucene plugin right away !

Thanks to Jens for his great work !


Happy Holidays

The XWiki Team will be off for a few days and less active until new year. I wanted to thank all users of XWiki that are trusting our service to host their content. 

Every month I've been more amazed by the content I've seen being added to wikis on 

We are working hard to add even more great features and easy of use on the service in 2005.

Thanks for your support. Happy Holidays !

The XWiki Team

Instant Messenging in XWiki

XWiki just got upgraded and now has some default macros of Instant Messenging Presence indicators for Jabber, Skype, AIM, Yahoo and MSN. ...

Freemind XWiki Integration

Thanks to WikkaWiki, here is an easy way to publish mindmaps in XWiki

#\mindmap("" "100%" "500") ...

Please give me your feedback about XWiki !

Dear XWiki users, 

Today we passed the 750 wikis opened on this platform with more and more wikis being active every day. We also passed the mark of 10000 page views per day and it is growing every day at a very interesting rate.

I'd love to hear a little more about what you are trying to do with XWiki, what are your experiences with the tool that we have build for you. 

I'd love to know what you think we should be focusing on in the future ? What should be our priorities ?

Finally I'd love to know if you consider taking a subscription to the XWiki service. Do you consider our pricing system reasonable ? Are there things we should change ?

Please do answer here by writing a comment, or if you don't wish to do it publicly do">write me an email

Dates went wrong in the Blog

While removing spam in the comments, we have had an issue with the blog, making dates be resent to November 2. 

If you think the articles are new, they are not really. This is however a good way to re-read what XWiki is about.

ObjectWeb Call for Proposals

The ObjectWeb conference will take place in Paris, from January 31st to February 2nd. The conference web site is build using XWiki. Kudos to the ObjectWeb team and Xavier in particular for this work.

The call for proposal for sessions during the conference has a November 21st deadline. 

For XWiki, we have proposed two session on similar subjects:

1/ In the category "Using Open-Source MiddleWare for SOA" we proposed "A Wiki for Service Oriented Architectures":

2/ In the category "Focus on ObjectWeb Projects" we proposed "XWiki: a Wiki to build Applications"

We hope to see some of you at this conference.

The "Call for Proposal" is also on the XWiki web site.