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Blog posts for March 2005

Denial of Service Attacks

The hosting provider of is experiencing some denial of service attacks on their network. This has the effect of overloading the network and web requests are not going through to XWiki. Not all requests are failing so if you retry your request will go through.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and will keep you informed when things go back to normal.

The XWiki Team

Version 0.9.536 Released

The open-source XWiki version 0.9.536 has been released. It includes a major performance boost by a reduction of database queries made to handle page views.

It also includes monitoring call allowing to measure the performance of the core XWiki modules as well as stop threads that would be running indefinitively.

This version, which is running the web site, is a good version to take advantage of the new XWiki interface.

Happy New Year

Happy new Year to all the XWiki users out there. We have some good news to start the year with more and more interest in XWiki. We now have close to 1300 wikis created on the platform and the existing wikis are making more and more page views.

I would like especially to point you to the Halo2 wiki which was just created a week ago and is already a great success !

We have lot of tasks on our plate to improve XWiki. We plan to:

  • improve the performance and reliability in the coming month, as well as better inform when we are making changes on the platform that can impact the XWiki avaiability (until now we have made to many changes in XWiki without any notice, we might have cause you to see for example HTTP 500 errors).
  • improve the user experience when starting a wiki, with a better guidance for the first steps, as well as a much improved default wiki
  • new defaults wikis for personal/community usage and for professional usage. A different skin will be proposed for these different usages of XWiki.
  • new XWiki applications and macros allowing to more easily integrate new features in the Wiki (Blog, Photo Album, Flickr album, Link to a Map, etc..)
  • on a less fun notice, we will integrate the subscription system in XWiki and enforce the pricing rules. This will allow us to get revenu form in order to improve the hosting of the platform.

Thanks for using XWiki. We plan to exceed your expectations in the coming year.