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Blog posts for July 2006 upgraded to XWiki 0.9.1252

We have just upgraded to version 0.9.1252 (available on ObjectWeb). If you are users of and you see anything special that could be caused by the upgrade, please contact us at Version 1252 has many changes under the hood and some in the user interface. The main changes from a user/admin perspective are:

  • the new WYSIWYG editor which is compatible with Wiki syntax.
  • the Rights page which now contains select fields

The WYSIWYG Editor is still in beta state. It is not activated by default but can be called using the "switch to WYSIWYG Editor" link in the edit page. You can activate the wysiwyg editor by default in the XWiki Preferences in the "editor" section.

Under the hood, many other changes are now available including better performance by generating less queries to the database. New plugins and APIs are also available for programmers. We will talk more about these a little later when we officially release this version.

We are now working to integrate:

  • AntiSpam measures (using JCaptcha)
  • as a new registration and invitation system which should be more easy to use and flexible.
  • editing by sections

We will of course all fix any bugs in the features of 1252 and work is also in progress for a new layout and skin.