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XWiki At Javapolis 2007

Some quick news from our stand at Javapolis... We're there with all the people from OW2, getting back in touch with fellow developers. Vincent is demoing the brand new website and getting feedback from friends on how to improve it. We already had great reactions on the User List from people who like it a lot, check it out if you haven't done so yet!

VincentJeremiJP07.png\ Vincent talking about the new website with Jeremi from eXo.

In the meanwhile we've been preparing an exclusive XWiki demo specially for Javapolis that involves the remote control of an USB device right from the wiki interface. We chose to use a device that would make an impact...

XWikiMissileLauncherJP07.png\ The USB Missile Launcher remote-controlled from XWiki.

We actually went as far as letting people control it from Vincent's iPhone... You can aim by clicking on the logo sides and extremities and shoot through a click right in the logo's center. More pictures and videos from this end coming soon!

Going back to work now, more news about XWiki@Javapolis soon on Twitter.