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Blog posts for February 2007

Office Warming and the RNTL Project

While our new office is getting ready for tonight party, today is a meeting day for stakeholders in the XWiki Concerto Project. Supported by the RNTL, this project is a collaboration between XPertNet, Telecom Paris,Mandriva, the INRIA and the EISTI. All partners are gathering today to get things started. We are all quite excited by the potential of the project... ...

Using XWiki For Competitive Watch

Using XWiki unique API, we have developped a RSS Reader that works directly inside the wiki. Ever thought that having 10 people reading the same paper was a loss of 9 people's time? Now XWiki for Competitive Watch lets you build a database of everything that is happening in your field of activity and keep it up to date easily. ...

On Wikipatterns

Started by Atlassian new wiki evangelist Stewart Mader, Wikipatterns is a really interesting initiative. Its aim is to provide a set of ... patterns dealing with the adoption of wikis inside enterprises. The website has already received praise as wells as criticism in the blogosphere and seems on its way to generate new sets of useful information. The next step is: "how can these tools be best used ?"

Creating and implementing a corporate wiki is an important decision, and all useful tips help in the process. Choosing a wiki software is an important issue to begin with. We are providing wiki solutions that answer specific needs on top of XWiki. See for instance our Competitive Watch Solution or the work we have been doing for competitiveness cluster (Cap Digital website based on XWiki). With XWiki, we are developing tools that will make your wiki experience a success. Coupled with some great tips from Wikipatterns, this orientation makes setting up a corporate wiki easier than with a "generic" wiki.

Collaborative Product Specification: Welcome to the Design Café!

\ cafenoir.jpg

Credits : geishaboy500

I wrote about collaborative product design on my blog some time ago. Now, thanks to an innovative initiative by Luis Arias this idea will come true at XPertNet. The Design Café will be a place where our customers and prospects will be able to exchange information about their projects and share their XWiki experiences.

Issues in product development

Has it ever occured to you that the specifications of a product chnaged in the middle of the development process? Do you sometimes end up with a result miles away from what you expected? This kind of problems often results from coordination and communication problems happening during the first stages of a new product development. Those issues are often overlooked and result either in a delayed development process or a final product that does not meet initial requirements. Using a wiki for collaboative product development changes this.

Designing Solutions Together

With the help of a wiki, all parties involved in product design can now interact in one given place, without the hassle of multiple threaded e-mails and non-versioned attached documents. What's more, RSS feeds provide feedback instantly on what is happening on the wiki. Specifications can be worked on simultaneously since they are centralized on a virtual workspace. Involved actors always get access to the latest available version wich reduces the rate of problems. On the whole, products are designr mor quickly and efficiently than with traditional ways of doing.

Benefit from the Community

The wiki concept goes further than collaborative design. The wiki can also be used as a place where a community of practice will gain from the experinences of its members. Best practices tips and success stories can be shared easily. Now, depending upon our clients choices, customers will be able to see what are the different projects based on XWiki, exchange tips and ideas and, why not, start new XWiki-based business ventures...

Ever thought that a better interaction model was required with your customers? Our tools are market-tested every day and improved through their very creation process. We use them successfully to create innovative ways of collaborating with our customers. Want to give them a try?