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2 XWiki newcomers this week !

Pascal Bouche and Stéphane Laurière are joining XWiki! Both involved in exciting projects built on XWiki, their experience will be a great asset for our team. Welcome on board! ...

Business Week Wiki Special Report


Photo Credits : Alex CD

Did you know that Sony Playstation developers use wikis extensively in order to share information between tech and marketing team? Have you ever thought about the fact that such companies as Intel and IBM have been using an internal wiki successfully for more than one year now? Business Week is running a comprehensive series of articles, portfolio and podcast about how the power of wiki is used to leverage employees' knowledge and out-of-the-box thinking spirit in many companies.

One of them is all about tapping into the power of your customer community with the help of a wiki. A lot like what Mandriva has been doing with XWiki. A lot like what you could start doing tomorrow in order to engage your customers in new and innovative ways, too.

I you ever wondered how a wiki could be useful in your company, this is the place to start. Check the example of those 2 european companies to see how fast and effectively a wiki could get started and growing within your company. Teamwork, e-mail overload, communication are only part of the processes you could start improving right now.

So you want to give wikis a try? You can open yours here or download XWiki 1.0 Beta 5 here. Alternatively, leave us an email!