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About Artem


Hello all!

I'm Artem Melentyev, from Yekaterinburg, Russia. I'm working (half time) on XWiki Platform with Storage&Query specialization since May 2008.

Also I'm at 2nd year of study on master of computer science at Ural State University.

My study topic is extensible languages and I use my knowledge in new experimental XWiki Query Language which is extended JPQL syntactically.

I'm also working on new XWiki storage system based on Java Content Repository  standard.

I met XWiki at spring 2005 thank for Google Summer of Code grant. XWiki attracted me by great programming abilities. It was and is greatest wiki ever for me. I attended at GSoC 3 times:

  • 2005: Independent Query Language (QueryPlugin) project.
    • I implemented xpath to hql translator using Jackrabbit query engine. This language has some limited expressive power and became obsoleted now by XWQL.
  • 2006: JcrStore
    • I implemented experimental storage based on Jackrabbit content repository. Design was not so good and contained much code duplication with Hibernate based storage. Now, I'm working on a completely revised version of JcrStore.
  • 2007: Storage improvements.
    • I added features such as minor edit feature, recycle bin for deleted documents, new versioning system for documents.

I like programming and hard tasks. That is why I participated a lot in various programming contests. My greatest achievement was paticipate in ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest World Finals in San Antonio, Texas at 2006 and 5th place in Semi Finals. ACM competitions gave me a great algorithmic, math and programming knowledge.

Just after my ACM ICPC career ended I joined XWiki as a remote developer. I like this work. I always wanted to be an open source developer. And now, I am! Thanks to XWiki for its great wiki and its great team.

Lutèces d'Or 2008 : and the Île de France Region Awarded

We took part to the Paris Capitale du Libre event that was held in Paris last week. 


The event features the Lutèces d'Or awards ceremony, which spotlights the best-in-class open-source software projects and actions of the year in France and in Europe in different categories. Alexandre Zapolsky, the Fnill president and Linagora's CEO, said that the event will become even more international next year.

This year, the main winners were and the Ile-de-France region (you will find all the winners list here (albeit in French)). received the Best Open Source project carried out on a world level (except France) prize and the Ile-de-France received received the Grand Prix du jury. Back in 2006, XWiki had received the price of the Best Open Source project carried out for an enterprise.

Why speak mainly about these two winners? Two reasons :

  • Ludovic Dubost and myself had the honor of having those two winners at the XWiki table (there was one table by partner) :
  • The 2 prizes rewarded
    • For OpenOffice: the work and the implication of a whole community during 8 years. Double reward, because the remote loadings of OpenOffice become exponential. A chance? Anyway, a beautiful surprise for Charles-H. Schulz. already received several other prices this year: was awarded three prizes in the 2008 Community Choice Awards and was considered the "Best of open source productivity application" an award chosen by InfoWorld Test Center editors, analysts, and reviewers. The proof that the work and the implication on a long run of a community bear its fruits to the international level!
    • For the Ile-de-France region : the motivation of Jean-Baptiste Roger who never stopped believing in his action, whereas all and everyone were leagued against him. Defending the "open source way" is often a tough fight. His enthusiasm and his joy are equivalent to his engagement and his faith. Both play an important role in the Open Source World ; -)


Bernard Lang, a famous INRIA researcher, was at our table as well. Thanks to Ludovic who pointed him out to me since I didn't know him nor suspected he was a celebrity. Bernard Lang is a very funny guy and he is very intelligent too. In the next weeks, I will publish a focus on OpenOffice and its growth, another on Bernard Lang and his work promoting the Open Source World and hopefully a last one on Jean-Baptiste Roger.

To be continued...

Balsamiq: a new partner is in town

We're glad to announce that Balsamiq Studios is now an official XWiki partner ! Balsamiq builds plugins on top of existing solutions such as XWiki Enterprise. As Peldi, Balsamiq's founder, puts it :

"I maintain a laser-like focus on solving a single problem at the time, and solving it really well. That's why I chose to build plugins, not platforms."

He has been busy working on making his great Balsamiq Mockups available as a XWiki Plugin of late, and we're very impressed by the results of his work (and so are his customers). That's why we decided to become a Balsamiq Studios technical partner & official reseller.

A Balsamiq mockup embedded in a XWiki Enterprise page :

What the plugin does

In a few words, here's what Balsamiq Mockups for XWiki allows you to do:
  • Create a software interface mockup in few seconds using a set of available UI elements
  • Perform this task online, right on your wiki page and embed the resulting mockup in the wiki page you're working on
  • Let other wiki users edit the mockup afterwards and show the results immediately on the page

    So you can work together on quick software prototyping more easily than ever before! Check out the video for more details:

    Balsamiq Mockups for XWiki Intro.

    Since Balsamiq leverages the Adobe AIR framework, a Desktop Edition of the product is available as well. We're very proud of this great extension to the already rich XWiki Enterprise feature set. Thanks Peldi !

    The Balsamiq Mockups editor :

Our partnership policy

A couple months after XWiki got started, Ludovic chose to change XWiki's license from the GPL to the more business-friendly LGPL. This means that external developers have no restriction whatsoever should they choose to provide commercial extensions on top of our platform (which isn't necessarily the case with the GPL license). Therefore, we're glad to welcome partners willing to deliver extensions to the XWiki platform and product line through both open and closed-source code.

XWiki SAS, the company behind XWiki, will keep offering its code under the LGPL. However, we're certainly open to pursuing partnerships with companies willing to go the closed route. We're very happy about having innovative technology made available on top of the XWiki platform and look forward similar initiatives in the future. Contact us at partners if you'd like to find out more about our partnership opportunities.

Find out more about Balsamiq Mockups for XWiki on Peldi's Blog !