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XWiki and Google Street View

Google Street View allows users to navigate 360 degrees to view street level images from any angle. The system was launched in 2007 and first introduced in the United States. Then, more countries were added : France, Spain, Italy, Australia and Japan. Of course, not all the cities can be virtually visited and Google selected only few big ones. In France, the "Google cars" (with cameras) visited 6 of them: Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Lille and Toulouse.

Did you have a look at it? At XWiki, we could not resist to temptation:


We can see there the logo of XWiki, but also one of our project managers, Stephan Barbey, and our assistant Meryame Rami.

This system inevitably creates problems of confidentiality and safety concerning the publication of faces and number plates on Internet. There were several reactions from net surfers. Google made some efforts to address the complaints (the company didn't have the choice):

  • Google developed a system to blur automatically number plates and faces of people who are filmed;
  • It is possible to request image removal by filling a form.

    From Ludovic Dubost (via his tweet Twitter), our CEO : "Our XWiki logo shows up in our office front window in Google Street View ! Nice !"

Looking forward to seeing you at Devoxx 2008 to discover the new version of XWiki Enterprise


Devoxx (formerly known as Javapolis), The java community conference, is THE European conference on Java that "java addicts", developers, solutions editors based on this technology, etc., shouldn't miss under no pretext. Will you be there?

This 7th edition is organized by the BEJUG (Java User Group Belge) and will take place on December 8th 2008 at in the cinematographic complex MetroPolis in Antwerp (Belgium).

Just like last year, you will have: University, Conference, Quickies (15 minute talks during the lunch break of both the University and Conference), Tools in action (30 minute talks during the Devoxx University days), Whiteboards, etc.

There will be a lot of different and interesting topics covered: Java EE6, REST, scripting languages, OSGI, Scala, Web Beans, BPM, and much more subjects.

Vincent, Sergiu, Guillaume and Marta will be there from 10 to 12 December. As usual, they will be present on OW2's stand along with partners such as eXoplatform. Come to see them to ask questions, discuss about our technologies and so on.

Innovations won't miss. You could discover the last evolutions and functionalities of the 1.7 version of XWiki Enterprise :

  • A new rendering;
  • The first version of the new WYSIWYG editor, more powerful;
  • The integration of the Webdav module which allows accessing the wiki from a files navigator;

And also:

  • The last version of XEclipse, our XML/RPC client that allows the edition of your wiki in the deskstop;
  • A demo of the integration of Balsamiq Mockups plugin in XWiki Enterprise.