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XWiki and the Travelling Geeks in Paris

As part of the Le Web event, taking place in Paris this week (on the 9th and 10th of December), the Invest in France Agency invited several influential U.S. bloggers] - who are part of the Traveling Geeks - to meet French companies to discover innovative projects.


XWiki was asked to participate and it is with great pleasure that we accepted. This afternoon, Guillaume Lerouge went to La Cantine where the meeting was organized.

We'll talk, for sure, very soon!

About Travelling Geeks ?

"Travelling Geeks is a consortium of entrepreneurs, thought leaders, authors, journalists, bloggers, technology innovators and influencers who travel to countries to share and learn from peers, governments, corporations, and the general public in order to educate, share, evaluate, and promote new, innovative technologies."

Wikis vs Blogs by JFK and Nixon

A huge video! A fictional debate between JFK and Richard Nixon on the propriety of using blogs vs. wikis Enjoy!