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Highlights from Solutions Linux 2009

Solutions Linux, the largest French Linux & Open-Source trade show, closed it's doors yesterday evening.

XWiki had a booth in the OW2 village, near the entrance. We had three presentations. Two of them were part of the annual OW2 conference and the third one was part of the workshop organized by System@tic.


All the event pictures are on Flickr. Don't be afraid to add your comment ;-)

Presentation of Aeliapedia, an Intranet solution built with/for Aelia, a Lagardère Services subsidiary. Thanks to Aelia's CIO Jean Leroux for his participation in the conference.

Presentation of XWiki Enterprise by Ludovic Dubost

Presentation of the Scribo project by Fabio Mancinelli, R&D project manager at XWiki

Open Source Activity Map (by Red Hat)

Red Hat has published the results of a project led with Georgia Institute of Technology. The project's objective was to research the state of open source around the world. Guess what? France is ranked #1 overall out of 75 countries !!

This is the map showing the relative level of open source activity in 75 countries. France is ranked #1 overall. 

All the research's results are presented as an interactive Open Source Activity Map that lets you see how the seventy five countries examined for the project are ranked globally.

The final score of each country is made calculated out of a number of factors including public policy and industry & government practices. 

Now that's good news for France :-)

You can now comment on XWiki blog

It's now possible to leave a comment on XWiki blog. Great news, isn't it?

The third party comment service for blogging platforms Intense Debate, bought by Wordpress few months ago, has been installed.

Rich and interactive, it offers several advantages and functions, both for the administrator of the Intense Debate account, and for the visitors of the blog. For instance:

  • Comment Threading,
  • Moderation/Blacklisting,
  • Reputation Points & Comment Voting,
  • You don't have to create an account at Intense Debate to comment,
  • OpenID 2.0 support,
  • ...

To know more about the integration of Intense Debate in XWiki, please read this article by Vincent Massol.

Interview of Joshua Marks (Curriki CTO) on CUE Live

Curriki, one of XWiki's main customers, is an independent nonprofit organization that supports the development and free distribution of open source educational materials, an online environment created to improve education worldwide. Watch Chris Walsh' interview for CUE Live with Joshua Marks, the CTO of Curriki, and learn more about the project: