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XWiki Concerto research project review

XWiki Concerto is a research project bringing together XWiki, INRIA (ECOO and ATLAS teams), ENST, Mandriva and EISTI.


The project's main goal is to develop a mobile P2P architecture for the XWiki engine, offline work and replication of content across a large number of peers. XWiki will be able to support mobile collaborative activities using an efficient and secure solution for content replication and synchronization.

Awesome XWiki Enterprise 1.9 Screencast

As Guillaume Lerouge said on his blog, we're getting closer to our biggest XWiki release ever...

Here is an awesome screencast of XWiki Enterprise 1.9 wih Quick Jump to any page, attach multiple files at once, new rich text editor, import office files...:

You can check out the release notes at (there's more to come !!)

We have got a star at XWiki

Three months ago, Mozilla Lab's Concept Series launched their first Mozilla Labs Design Challenge. They invited design-focused students from around the world to participate and develop solutions to the question "What would a browser look like if the Web was all there was? No windows, no unnecessary trappings. Just the Web."


Different categories were proposed:

  • Best in Class: Innovation - For the solution that has the newest / most original interaction model
  • Best in Class: Execution - For the solution that has the most expressive prototype (polish as well as functional availability)
  • Best in Class: Interaction - For the solution that provides the best human-computer-interaction model
  • Best in Class: Producible - For the solution that would be the easiest to ship to users immediately

    Ecaterina Valica, our User Interface Designer and Web Developer, participated in this open call with the following proposal: "Collaborative research on a virtual desk". And she won in Innovation category. CONGRATULATIONS!!! We are very very proud.

  • To know more about the original idea and her arguments, go to her website.
  • To test Ecaterina's prototype, it's here.
  • To test all the prototypes, visit this page.