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Wikis vs CMS @USI 2009

In adition to the debate on the selection criteria of the solutions of CMS (in French), organized at Online 2009, here is a presentation (in French too) that Vincent Massol (XWiki) and Tugduall Grall (eXo Platform) realized for USI 2009. It allows you to know more on CMS and the wikis, on their similar points and differences, on their evolution during these last years and their uses. It is also an opportunity to see what could give a (potential) cohabitation between XWiki and eXo Platforme and how the two editors see Google, in this case being an outsider (concerning Google Sites, Google Docs and Google Wave).

The project Globe2Child, through the eyes of children

A group of 10 years old children, from the elementary school Gustave Caillebote in Genneviliers, have realised a very cool report on the Globe2Child project, launched by Pascal Bouche, our former sales manager. The video (in French) emphasizes the perspective of children on an exciting and brilliant project that will bring a lot of benefits.

You'll be informed on everything regarding the ship, the planning, the navigation, the security… If everything goes right, the scheduled departure is in October 2009, for a world tour of 7 years.

For those that will be sideways Locmariaquer on the 27th of July, there will be held an exhibition at the Multimeia Library. A Facebook event has also been created.

XWiki at the European Commission

Eric Reboisson asked us some time ago to send him an XWiki T-Shirt. We sent it to him and he had the great kindness to do us a little advertising whithin the European Comission, where he works, by wearing it and by spreading the word about our company and our activities. Thus, thanks Eric (to follow him on Twitter : @ericreboisson)!!!


All the photos are there: Anyone want a t-shirt? emoticon_wink

It's time to tell us what you're looking for!

While celebrating XWiki's 5th birthday, we spent a couple days brainstorming with our full team about where XWiki stands today and what its future holds. We came up with a long list of features and ideas and we'd love to get community feedback before deciding in which direction we're going to move forward once our 2.0 release goes out.

To this aim, we've built a survey that we'd like our users and developers to take. It's a bit long though definitely worth the pain. We're eagerly waiting for your feedback to start pouring in.

You can access and fill the survey at the following address:

Thanks a lot for your time!

The XWiki Team