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Retours d'expérience XWiki à ICC 2010

Dans le cadre de notre participation à ICC 2010, nous avons réalisé trois retours d'expérience. Les deux premiers concernaient l'aide à la vente (Aelia et un grand groupe international spécialisé dans le hardware informatique) et ont été présentés par Ludovic Dubost de XWiki SAS. Le troisième concernait Valeo Techassist et a été présenté par Andy Mpanda de Kimind. Ces trois présentations ont permis de montrer que notre solution pouvait répondre à des besoins différents et évolutifs.

Les deux intervenants ont été interviewés par TV AEGE. Les vidéos seront disponibles très bientôt.

XWiki Enterprise 2.6 release focused on usability, security and social

The latest version of XWiki Enterprise, the professional open source collaboration wiki, has been released. Much more than a wiki, XWiki Enterprise helps manage company critical information and improve productivity, knowledge sharing, collaboration and communication in the workplace. XWiki Enterprise features can be easily integrated in all information systems to meet the needs of professional users by facilitating the import of office documents, synchronization of files, security management and much more. XWiki Enterprise is chosen by organizations all over the world to meet their needs in knowledge capitalization, collaborative watch or technical and commercial information management.

Paris (France), November 26th, 2010

XWiki Enterprise 2.6, the latest version of XWiki Enterprise, has been released. New features in this release include:

  • An overhaul of the activity stream to help better keep track of what's happening in the wiki.
  • The possibility to share a page by email.

Having developed lots of new features in the past releases, the main purpose of this release has been that of stabilizing XWiki Enterprise.

Starting with the 2.0 version, XWiki Enterprise has seen many improvements and a lot of new features. The main direction of the past seven releases has been towards a better ergonomy and usability for XWiki Enterprise.

  • With the new Colibri skin and the color theme editor it's easy to customize the look and feel of the wiki.
  • XWiki is now more social thanks to the activity stream and avatar improvements. A new user profile and user directory have also been introduced.
  • Friends and colleagues can be invited to join the wiki, pages can be shared with them by email and, thanks to the new Watchlist UI, content changes are better tracked. Collaboration has never been this easy.
  • Annotations have been introduced to help better share thoughts and remarks on content.
  • Users and applications can provide documents that can be used as templates when creating new pages.
  • It's easy to import pages with the new XAR import UI and to search those pages with the Lucene search, recently promoted as default.
  • The experimental extension manager provides a better way to install new extensions on top of XWiki Enterprise.

The latest version of XWiki Enterprise contains all the changes listed above and can be downloaded from the website. Read more about XWiki Products and Services on


About XWiki

XWiki is a young company created in 2004 that provides services around its professionnal open source collaboration solution (licence LGPL), XWiki Enterprise, based on a second-generation wiki. This solution is designed to help organizations and communinities to organize information simply and to share it effectively. Recently, XWiki was candidate of the French call for projects "Innovating Web" with the project Wiki 3.0, received an award at the Demo Cup, and is also one of the 10 successful French enterprises in open source (L'Informaticien, n° 68). XWiki has today over 100 customer references, and thousands of business users in France and worldwide.

For more informations, please contact Emilie Ogez by mail at or visit the web site

XWiki and Open Cloud: the good, the bad and the ugly

Here are the presentation Ludovic Dubost gave at the OW2 Annual Conference, last week, at La Cantine. It was about Open Cloud and collaboration. Here is the summary of this presentation:

Moving applications to the cloud creates many challenges for users: Does the application fit my need? Is it easy to use? Can I customize it? Are my data secure? How can I move away from my cloud provider with my data and still use them efficiently? These questions are particularly important in the Collaboration Space and when working on Business Critical Information. All collaboration applications need to be closely adapted to the company's processes. Once your collaboration tool grows in usage, you might need to take back control or change cloud provider. XWiki's collaboration solution is a perfect match for the Open Cloud. This session proposes 1) to go through the key aspects of open cloud collaboration, 2) to focus especially on the development features of XWiki which allows extensibility right in the cloud, 3) to explore the ways developers can directly online participate in the development of the solution (by creating and integrating applications) and for users to access easily to an open and innovative space.

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Here is the presentation itself. 

You can also have a look at the video: