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Web 2.0 Expo: Congratulations to Jerome Miller!

The XWiki team was in San Francisco a few weeks ago to participate in the Web 2.0 expo event. We held a contest to win a Parrot AR.Drone on this occasion. We'd like to congratulate Jerome Miller, the winner, who has just received the prize and has agreed to answer some questions.


We'd also like to thank the 200 participants! 

Could you please introduce yourself?

My name is Jerome Miller. I was born in Louisville, KY and now live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I love technology and futurism.

For fun, I fly remote controlled airplanes and play electronic music (a long time ago I used to be in a band called VHS or Beta).

I run a small web consultancy called from my home in San Mateo, CA where I design and code websites, UI/UX and SEO/SEM campaigns. I have 13+ years experience doing this for governments, enterprises, start ups and agencies.

Had you already heard of wikis before coming to our booth at the Web 2.0 Expo event? Had you already used one? What's your opinion about this category of tools?

I have definitely heard of and used Wikis. They are common at many of the start ups and enterprises for which I have worked, though I can't say I know much about the different platforms out there - I may have even used XWiki and not realized it. In general, I think they are much like a traditional CMSs. I think they even share a common struggle which is that while they are easy to use, only a small percent of their users really dig in and make the most of them for their organization.

According to you, what are the main issues when people want to collaborate?

1. Not having common or clearly defined goals
2. Not communicating efficiently
3. Failing to keep momentum

Cloud Computing Outlook 2011

BitNami, and Zenoss created an infographic on cloud computing, based on the results of a survey, launched during the 2nd quarter of 2011.



XWiki SAS announces a new pricing for XWiki Cloud

XWiki SAS announces the introduction of new pricing plans for XWiki Cloud, its newest offer.

XWiki Cloud is an XWiki SAS's "all-in-one" offer for anyone who wishes to quickly and simply deploy a wiki that responds to business needs, while enjoying total freedom (Open Cloud).

It was launched in Beta 4 months ago and since then more than 300 testers have been using it. In order to encourage collaboration and meet the varying usage needs of companies of different sizes, we have introduced a new pricing model, based on volume discounts and the number of users.