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Halloween 2012 at XWiki Iasi Office

Have YOU heard what happened at the XWiki Iasi Office on Halloween?

Spiders and bugs invaded the office, skeletons hanging at the door, paper pumpkins everywhere, halloween cards, autumn fruits....The Halloween spirit creeped into the XWiki Office early in the morning and haunted the house until late in the evening!

During the day, we all enjoyed in a very nice mood the decorations and the goodies! But when the evening came, the atmosphere changed into a more spooky one, as the time for the Pumpkin Carving activity had come! Split into 3 teams: Lurkers, Pump Kings and Fiorosii , with a horror movie in the background, we started thinking about a strategy and demonstrated our skills in carving great "pieces of art". Each team used its own way to give life to the pumpkins: one team planned tactfully and afterwards implemented everything in a couple of minutes, while the others started to directly carve the pumpkins, by using the available time in a balanced way.

In the end, through the little candle's light, our pumpkins: Lurker, Boo Stan and Angry Bird came to life at XWiki Iasi Office! Let's enjoy together their story in images:

Collaborate in realtime within XWiki Enterprise

XWiki SAS is pleased to announce a new feature, awaited by its enterprise wiki users: collaboration in real time. It is now possible for several users to edit the same page simultaneously.

XWiki Enterprise allows employees in the same company or all actors that constitute its ecosystem to easily and effectively collaborate on projects. It allows them to create knowledge, to organize and capitalize it, to make it readily accessible and shareable.

Until now, collaboration within XWiki Enterprise had been asynchronous. Each user who had to edit a document, had to wait until other users finished their modifications. Now, using the new Realtime extension things are completely different. Multiple users can view and edit a document at the same time. They can observe all changes in real time, without reloading the page. The Realtime extension is actually an additional editing mode, on top of those that are already included in the product: Wysiwyg and wiki syntax.

Here is a demo: