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Features survey 2012: Final Results

After running the features survey for almost two months, the moment has come to get a closer look at the results. By reading this blog post you'll finally discover what features our respondents are looking forward to having in XWiki's 4.X release cycle!

Let's have a look at our respondents profiles:

  • XWiki administrators represent the majority of our respondents
  • The repartition between the Community members and the XWiki customers is well distributed
Chart: What kind of XWiki user are you?Chart: Who are the respondents?

We'd like to thank everyone who answered the survey!

Themes rating

No surprise here when comparing these results to the first results overview we presented in early March.

"Ease of Use" and "Quality" remain the top themes of the survey. They are closely followed by "Wiki management" and "User development tools".

In the meantime, "Help", "Applications and AppStore" and especially "Social" are less of a priority as they don't reach the level of 3 out of 5.


Chart : Themes rating

Features rating

The trends we noticed in early March are still relevant. "Multipage export", "Better PDF export", "Page load time", "Search improvements" and "Organizing pages by drag and dropping" are among the most requested features. During the 4.X release cycle, we will be focusing on them.


Chart : Features rating (score on a rating scale of 5)

Some of you left us some comments and ideas about features we did not mentioned in the survey and how to improve some existing features. We appreciate your comments and we will be taking them into account during the roadmap meeting.

Some of you also congratulated us on the job done. We want to thank you and we promise we'll keep up the good work!

By the numbers: Cloud Computing

Here is a small infographic that groups several numbers (from different sources like CIO, Computerworld, InfoWorld...) about Cloud Computing.


Why Open Source in this Cloud World?

When speaking of Enterprise Software, everybody talks about the Cloud, the Cloud, the Cloud. It's today's buzzword. The new gold rush

There are plenty of good reasons why companies can be interested in cloud offerings. Similarly there are plenty of good reasons for providers to be delivering solutions through the cloud. 

One of the questions that is frequently asked is whether the "old" way can still be successful. The same matter was brought into discussion during the e-commerce boom. At the time "bricks and mortars" where opposed to Internet's pure players. History has shown however that there was room for both types of players and that offline players benefited from additional growth by creating an online presence. New companies were developing original business models in which, since day one they were combining their online presence with physical locations. ...

Events @ XWiki Iasi Office

This year, the XWiki Iasi team was happy to participate to 2 career events happening in the same week:

  • JobShop - career event addressed to students and graduates (2nd - 7th of April);
  • Job Shadow Day - event addressed to students from Computer Science Highschool (5th of April).

On Monday, April 2nd, opening day of the JobShop Event, Marius Florea represented XWiki by being one of the 6 speakers at the  "Succesful Career" activity. Marius presented his evolution in the professional life and his main responsibilities within XWiki, offering students an insight view of the R&D Engineer mission in our company. During the presentation, he highlighted the importance of the education, of perseverance and hard work, insisting both on the importance of the quality of the work done and on the role that passion plays in someone's career decisions. After the presentation, the speakers were invited to answer some questions of the audience and also to give a feedback on the aspects to take into account in order to build a successful career. 

On Wednesday, 4th of April, the XWikiers participated to two activities: Presentation Booth and BACo (BEST Academics & Companies). Early in the morning, the team gathered around to prepare a friendly environment at the booth so that they could give a warm welcome to the students and graduates. After the official opening, during almost 7 hours students interacted with different members of the team and got to know more both about the company and the job openings that we have opened ( Front - End Developer and QA Engineer )

Meanwhile, at 2pm, 3 of the XWikiers (Ecaterina Moraru, Eduard Moraru and Raluca Stavro) met the students and the University representatives at BACo activity, to discuss both about the educational process and the methods of improving it and the actions that companies can actively do in order to increase the personal and professional development of the future employees for the work market. The XWikiers spoked about our company's involvement in the students' development, highly emphasising on education and constant development, as well as on expressing creativity. They talked about the courses hold at the Computer Science Faculty by some of our colleagues, the internships available both internally and through the Erasmus program, about XWiki's yearly participation to Job Shadow Day and, of course, to the GSoC event, at which some of the XWikiers are being mentors for a couple of years now.

The day ended with a very nice group photo with all the participants, with champagne and cake from the JobShop organizers!

On Thursday, 5th of April, the XWiki team welcomed at Iasi Office Dacian and Vlad, students at the Computer Science Highschool "Grigore Moisil", who were interested in learning more about Web Development & Web Design. At 10.00 a.m., Job Shadow Day started at our office! Silvia, Diana and Raluca showed them around the office and introduced the guys to the team, made a presentation of the company and talked about life at XWiki. Afterwards, Oana gave details about her responsibilities as a Web Developer at XWiki, Flavius revealed some tips on Front-End Development, while Raluca, Edy and Caty discussed with them about what a career in the web domain means. As the students showed themselves in Web Design, Max revealed them some of his design magic and also gave feedback on some of the work that they have already done. At the end of the day, Dacian and Vlad received some XWiki goodies from the team!

Finally, on Saturday, 7th of April, Raluca, Marius, Caty and Edy hold the technical training "Development process, the XWiki way" , to which participated around 20 students willing to learn more about the tools used within XWiki. The XWikiers talked about what XWiki is, how a new feature is added, the implementation and the release process, outlining the role that Maven, Git, JIRA, Jenkins and Eclipse play in the XWiki development process. 

The day ended with a nice barbecue, XWiki Iasi Team celebrating the end of a busy, but very productive week!

Diana Garneata

The XWiki Lamp Story

About a month ago, the Luxembourg YaJUG invited Vincent Massol, our CTO, to present XWiki to a crowd of Java specialists. This presentation not only brought us some great leads, but on this occasion Yannick Kirschhoffer created a very cool poster containing a concept design of a lamp representing the "X" in our logo.

Everyone at XWiki SAS loved it and the immediate reaction of the team was to want to build the XWiki Lamp. ...