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Blog posts for June 2013

New Test Reporting Application

Sorin Burjan, one of our QA Engineers, released last week a new application on created to ease the following and execution of the manual tests defined in XWiki. The application is freely available on the XWiki Extension Repository found here.

The application can be used by anyone inside their XWiki instance by adding their test cases into the application. It supports product, browser and database versioning, so testers can select their environment on which they are running the tests. Also the application supports marking tests that are automated.

The application was created to meet the needs for collaborative testing and presenting test results in a nice tabelar format. It has been deployed on the community's newly created test subwiki. You can see the application in action here. You will see a summary of tests which have been executed in the application, but also for a specific product version. It also allows to see the full history of executions for a test. The application supports one product with multiple versions.


Solr is coming!

The XWiki development team has been actively developing a new search engine (based on Apache Solr) since XWiki 4.3. It's been experimental so far but we've now reached a level of quality that we think good enough to make it available to everyone. Thus we'll be making it the default search engine in XWiki 5.1.


We've decided to rewrite XWiki's search in order to offer a better search experience, especially:

  • More relevant results and extracts in search results,
  • Faceted search,
  • Better advanced searching,
  • Support for clustering,
  • Google-like searching (i.e. no need to use wildcards),
  • Better translation support,
  • Improved performances,
  • And generally speaking all the niceties provided by Apache Solr.

See for more details.