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The XWiki Seminar 2013 at Daneș, Sighișoara

Enthusiasm, nature closeness, horse-riding, ostriches, statuses and planning, Summer Joy are just a few words that describe the XWiki Seminar 2013! The Seminar brought together once again the teams from Romania and France, welcoming at Daneș, Sighișoara also two other special guests: Caleb James Delisle, who constantly offers his help in the XWiki Research team and Denis Gervalle, who is actively involved in the XWiki Open Source community. Having Caleb and Denis made the Seminar even more special!

As in the previous years, during 10 days we organised and attended to team status presentations, workshops, brainstormings, trainings and several discussions about the XWiki company and product. We all took advantage of this event to learn more about what the other teams are doing and what difficulties are encountered, to discuss future directions and brainstorm for next period actions. The cross-team interactions could not have been missed, the XWiki Hackathon being organised this year as well and adding the XWiki BarCamp as a new surprise session.

The XWiki team worked hard, but also had a lot of fun! 

During the previous Seminar the team got involved into the XWiki Olympics, while this year the XWiki Treasure Hunt was the main teambuilding activity. Divided into teams, the XWikiers had to fulfill successfully several activities in order to gain golden coins and at the end to get the clues that led to the hidden treasures. 

The fun part was completed through some very nice activities organized for the XWiki team, such as horse riding, visiting the two Romanian medieval cities Sighișoara and Sibiu or dancing until morning and sharing the joy at the XWiki Summer Party. All the activities brought the smile on our faces and helped us get to know each other better.

We ended the Seminar with enthusiasm and positive attitude, eager to do our best for the next period!

Check out some of the XWiki Seminar 2013 photos!

Hackathon 2013

Article published on, and written by Vincent Massol.


Every year, XWiki SAS is organizing a seminar for all its employees during the summer. And every year, we take that opportunity to do a Hackathon during this seminar. This year was no exception! We started the seminar with the first hackathon session, during which the teams formed, everyone choosing what they wanted to work on and with whom. Then every day during 10 days, we worked a bit on our hackathon after the work sessions (presentations & brainstorming) and fun activities organized by XWiki SAS (this year it was a treasure hunt). Then during the last day, each team presented what they had worked on and their results.

We also engaged the community by sending a hackathon email on the devs lists and this year we were lucky to have Edo Beutler and Fabian Pichler participate!

We used the following Hackathon 2013 page to see what everyone was working on and the status.

Selected Hackathon Topics

As usual we got some great contributions:

TopicMembersAvailable at
Next level syntax highlighting and auto completionVincent, Eduard MoraruAutoCompletion App, Syntax Highlighting App
Gather and search all XWiki logs using logstash, redis, elastic search and kibanaVincent, Guillaume FenollarAvailable for (protected)
Multipage Export based on Wiki CollectionsRaluca, MariusCollection Application
Admin Tools refactoringGuillaume FenollarVersion 4.0 of Admin Tools Application
XEclipse syntax coloring, collapse, indentation for velocity,groovy,xwiki2.0 syntaxLudovic, FabioWork in progress
Clojure macro and Clojure REPL Fabio, CalebREPL Console Application
Manage all languages of a translation in one pageFlorian, NicolasNot published yet
JSON renderer (get a full model of the document wiki content as JSON to make easier to manipulate it in Javascript)Thomas Mortagne
Exploration of the Atmosphere Realtime Client/Server FrameworkDenisNot published yet (Created wiki, Created Feature and Iteration classes)GuillaumeD, Ecaterina Moraru (Valica)
Publish/Unpublish by dateEdo Beutler, Fabian PichlerPublish/Unpublish Extension
Upgrade xwiki-platform-chat to work with latest XWiki versionDenis
Timeline, using jQueryBenjamin, Flavius, Nicolas, MaxjQuery Timeline

Random Screenshots

Some random screenshots of the work achieved:


As previous years it was very fun and we got very nice results which have already found their way in the XWiki product or will find their way in the future. It's a great way to innovate.

FTR here are some previous year results:

Now let's eagerly wait for the next Hackathon!

Make sure to Join us next year!


The XWiki Lamp at Iasi Office

The XWiki Iasi Team is happy to have a brand new homemade XWiki lamp at the office!


In April 2012 the Paris team built the XWiki Lamp and now, it was the XWiki Iasi Team's turn to create one. Full of enthusiasm and positive thoughts, the team gathered at the office willing to make the most of this activity.

Guided by what was done at the Paris office, the XWiki Iasi Team started to collaboratively work together in shaping what has become the XWiki Iasi Lamp. All our creativity was employed for two evenings: the team had to use the hot iron to glue the edges of the wooden board, cut the exterior edges with a knife, take measurements and draw center points, diagonals, position the small parts of the X arms, make holes and check the LED colors. Setting up the wiring for the LEDs was quite a challenge, but the team managed to successfully finish the lamp while having plenty of fun.

As pictures say more than words, we invite you to take a look at how the building of the lamp went in the XWiki Iasi Office!