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Halloween 2014 at XWiki

Last week, the XWiki team quickly got in the Halloween mood and enjoyed the mystery filled atmosphere in the office!

Candy, pumpkin carvings, spiders and ugly creatures welcomed the XWikiers this year. Remember their visit the previous year? emoticon_smile Rediscover last year's happenings here!

Halloween was celebrated both at the XWiki Paris Office and at the XWiki Iasi Office. Check out the photos!

Let's celebrate next Halloween together at XWiki! Find your place in our team and become an XWikier!

OW2Con 2014

Like in 2013, this year, the OW2con took place in Orange labs in Paris for a lot of interesting presentations about Open Source in France. There were speakers from last year who came to explain to us the evolution of their projects.

There were also new speakers with new projects and well-known actors in software engineering such as Microsoft and Jean-Baptiste Kempf (lead developer of VLC).  

XWiki was there too for 2 presentations. 

Ludovic Dubost gave an interesting presentation about financing Open Source project, based on his 10 years experience.
Caleb James DeLisle demonstrated CryptPad, a secure real-time web document editor based on the ChainPad technology which was developed for real-time WYSIWYG in XWiki. 

This conference was also an occasion for XWiki to attend a work meeting for the RISCOSS project with all the partners.


XWiki hosted a LearnPAd project meeting in Paris

Last week, XWiki SAS hosted a meeting for the Learn PAd project.  Learn PAd is an FP7 European research project which will provide an e-learning platform for Business Processes in Public Administration.

Last week a first draft of the architecture has been written which was the purpose of this meeting; more in-depth discussion will be needed. 

People from FHNW, CNR and Linagora came to the XWiki's headquarters to discuss the simulation of Business Process for civil servants in public administration and we are now planning to build the first prototypes of Learn PAd Platform.

The next meeting with all partners will be held in Olten, Switzerland in the beginning of January... and there will be snow!

Enterprise 2.0, Social Business and Digital Transformation in one picture

The following is an image of Google Trends that shows us there is a true evolution in the usage of the concepts, the trends, the ideas related to the collaborative and digital enterprise. It's really impressive to see (like with Web 2.0 and social media a few years ago) how the wording changes regularly. But the question is: does each wording represent the same thing or not? What do you think of this picture? 

Please write an article with your answer, opinion and let us know. We will add it here. And also feel free to nominate 3 people who could answer as well. emoticon_smile


Ziua Stafetei 2014 at XWiki

On Wednesday, 19th of November, the XWiki team got involved in a national initiative called "Ziua Stafetei".  This program is being annually organised, close to 20th of November, when the Universal Children's Day is celebrated. The aim of the project is to facilitate the social inclusion of vulnerable children and respect their rights. The initiative tries to recognise the potential of the children and encourages them to freely express their opinion about the situations which affect their lives. 

We were happy to meet 4 highschool students from Vasile Adamachi College, Iasi, Romania, who wanted to experiment how it is like to be an employee in an IT company. We started with a short company and team presentation, continuing with offering insight on the Development, QA and HR & Admin jobs inside XWiki. 4 XWikiers were the "ambassadors" of their job. 

Our colleague, Manuel was responsible of revealing the secrets of QA, showing how the test of the product is being done, how bugs are being identified and how documention for a certain feature is being written. Edy showed how an application is being created, published, installed, offering also details regarding the developer position inside XWiki. The HR & Admin team explained the processes related to HR, continued by a simulation of the sourcing, selection, hiring decision and after hiring processes.

We had a very nice time together with our guests and we hope to have played a tiny role in their professional future life!