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Safe Harbor is dead! What's next?

Tuesday, October 6, 2015, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) decided to strike down the "Safe Harbor", a key legal principle that had enabled U.S. web giants (Google, Facebook and Apple) who operate in the European Union to store and manipulate the personal data of people living there.

The "Safe Harbor" was the result of an agreement from the July 26, 2000 in which the European Commission considered that the countries who signed the agreement, agreed to a level of protection in accordance with the European standards of personal data for the EU citizens.

But the Snowden case has changed everything. The massive NSA spying of the European citizen's data is a violation of the agreement, causing its end in the ruling of the CJEU. ...

Learn PAd Technical Meeting in Rome

Last week, The XWiki team was in Rome for the Learn PAd project. The goal of the project was to work with CNR in order to make a big step in the implementation of the Learn PAd platform. University of Aquila was also present for one day in order to help us with the model transformations and its help was very valuable. ...

Top 250 Syntec Numerique 2015

The results of the 5th Panorama Top 250 of the French software publishers and creators have been published!

XWiki SAS is ranked 255th overall (we hope to be in the Top 250 next year) and 115th in its category, "Horizontal" publishers proposing a general offer to all the sectors of activity. ...

Who are the leaders for the digital transformation in enterprises?

It's no secret that technological developments are impacting our workplace nowadays.
However, they are not as fast as one might think.

Whether it gets stuck in the budget or just on the ability of a company to identify the person or people responsible for these internal developments, it is clear that there is a significant gap between technological advances and their arrival in the enterprise. ...

XWiki team at the PhD Talent Career Fair 2015 !

On Friday, 16th of October, the XWiki team had the pleasure of attending the PhD Talent Career Fair the 2015 edition.

With a lot of enthusiasm, 4 members of the team (Caleb, Corina, Diana and Mihaela) were present at Cité Universitaire - Maison Internationale discussing Open Source, XWiki and how to find the right place inside the XWiki team. Young PhD students and graduates from various domaines were welcomed between 9.00 and 18.00 at the XWiki stand located in the Adenauer area.

Having representatives of the HR, Marketing and Research teams, the discussions were focused on the Open Source values and principles that guide XWiki and the current opportunities in the Research team: R&D Engineer and Junior R&D Engineer

Along with other players from the French market, XWiki was present also at the "Les Start-ups font leur show" with a 5 minutes maximum presentation. Caleb was the one who took the responsibility of spreading the word about the company and inviting people at the stand in order to get more insight on the Open Source world, the team and the company. Take a quick glance at Caleb's talk !

Thank you to the PhD students and graduates that came at the stand to interact with us and to the organisers for the event! 

Choosing an Open Source or a Proprietary Solution?

Open Source or Proprietary solution?

If you are not sure which solution fits better your needs, then you should answer to these questions:

Open Source vs Proprietary.png

Keys to Collaboration

Teamwork is crucial within any organization. A good collaboration means to know how to share important information and knowledge within your company with all the team in order to improve your productivity

Your data being the core of your business, your teams, your customers and partners you work with, it should be available and easily accessible by everyone.

In order to foster collaboration in your company, you must reconsider your way of working. 

This infographic will present you 6 keys for a successful and profitable collaboration.

Collaboration Infographic XWiki.png

The XWiki SAS program at the Open Source Summit 2015

XWiki SAS will participate to the Open Source Summit 2015 at les Docks de Paris, the 18th and 19th of november.

During this event, we will have some presentations:

  • Wednesday the 18th during the "Buy Open Source" roundtable. Ludovic Dubost, CEO and Founder of XWiki SAS, will be part of the talks. This conference will happen in the Auditorium around 4:15PM.
  • Thursday the 19th during the "Open Source Web Editors: a new initiative" workshop. Ludovic Dubost and Caleb James De Lisle will start presenting at 4PM in the Barcelone room. ...

Halloween 2015 at XWiki

We could not resist celebrating the 2015 XWiki Halloween this year also!

The XWikiers were challenged to enter in their creative Halloweenish mood through either bringing a Halloween item at the office and immortalising the moment with a photo or by choosing a representative Halloween image to be used as their Skype profile. And this is not all! Some XWikiers tried out the Mystery escape room, entering in a challenging race with limited time, lots of adventures, adrenaline, fun and... mystery!

We invite you to enjoy some of the photos of this year's XWiki Halloween and rediscover the ones from our previous years!

Stay tuned! More photos will be added to the XWiki Halloween 2015 album soon!