Balsamiq: a new partner is in town

Oct 06 2008

We're glad to announce that Balsamiq Studios is now an official XWiki partner ! Balsamiq builds plugins on top of existing solutions such as XWiki Enterprise. As Peldi, Balsamiq's founder, puts it :

"I maintain a laser-like focus on solving a single problem at the time, and solving it really well. That's why I chose to build plugins, not platforms."

He has been busy working on making his great Balsamiq Mockups available as a XWiki Plugin of late, and we're very impressed by the results of his work (and so are his customers). That's why we decided to become a Balsamiq Studios technical partner & official reseller.

A Balsamiq mockup embedded in a XWiki Enterprise page :

What the plugin does

In a few words, here's what Balsamiq Mockups for XWiki allows you to do:
  • Create a software interface mockup in few seconds using a set of available UI elements
  • Perform this task online, right on your wiki page and embed the resulting mockup in the wiki page you're working on
  • Let other wiki users edit the mockup afterwards and show the results immediately on the page

    So you can work together on quick software prototyping more easily than ever before! Check out the video for more details:

    Balsamiq Mockups for XWiki Intro.

    Since Balsamiq leverages the Adobe AIR framework, a Desktop Edition of the product is available as well. We're very proud of this great extension to the already rich XWiki Enterprise feature set. Thanks Peldi !

    The Balsamiq Mockups editor :

Our partnership policy

A couple months after XWiki got started, Ludovic chose to change XWiki's license from the GPL to the more business-friendly LGPL. This means that external developers have no restriction whatsoever should they choose to provide commercial extensions on top of our platform (which isn't necessarily the case with the GPL license). Therefore, we're glad to welcome partners willing to deliver extensions to the XWiki platform and product line through both open and closed-source code.

XWiki SAS, the company behind XWiki, will keep offering its code under the LGPL. However, we're certainly open to pursuing partnerships with companies willing to go the closed route. We're very happy about having innovative technology made available on top of the XWiki platform and look forward similar initiatives in the future. Contact us at partners if you'd like to find out more about our partnership opportunities.

Find out more about Balsamiq Mockups for XWiki on Peldi's Blog !