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Oct 15 2014

Growth in the Cloud: an infographic

Global Data Center Traffic is expected to triple between 2012 and 2017 (7,7 ZB!) according to this Cisco infographic (PDF) on cloud computing. We can also see the different traffic types (traditional, cloud), as well as the amount in which they contribute to the overall Data Center Traffic. What do you think? Are you surprised by the numbers?


Jun 04 2012

XWiki Cloud: A Technical Overview

Jean-Vincent Drean participated in the last edition of OW2Con (November, 23-24, 2011) and here is the video of his presentation about XWiki Cloud, our XWiki's on demand offer.

Dec 22 2011

Chasing the future at XWiki

Here at XWiki we are carrying out several research activities to keep up with the evolution of current technologies and to explore new and interesting ways for improving our products. In order to do so we collaborate with other enterprises in collaborative research projects: the main goal of these projects is to push forward the state of the art and to capitalize the efforts by building top-notch products incorporating these advancements.

Currently XWiki is involved in four research projects. ...

Jun 15 2011

Cloud Computing Outlook 2011

BitNami, and Zenoss created an infographic on cloud computing, based on the results of a survey, launched during the 2nd quarter of 2011.



Mar 30 2011

How To Get Started With XWiki Cloud

By now you may have already heard about our newest offer, XWiki Cloud

In short XWiki Cloud brings XWiki's most valuable features and applications, such as the XWiki office importer, advanced macros, activity stream and an outstanding skin, together in a close-knit package tailored for the enterprise use. 

The following is a presentation that will guide you through the first steps necessary to create your own wiki and start using it.