Cloud computing predictions for 2011: a compilation

Jan 17 2011

It's time for predictions. We are now in 2011! emoticon_smile What’s to come for the Cloud computing? We have compiled 6 cloud computing predictions lists that concern the market and its maturity, the service providers and the users. The predictions are mainly about the security, the standards and the mobility.

Cloud Predictions For 2011: Gains From Early Experiences Come Alive (Forrester)

  • And The Empowered Shall Lead Us.
  • You will build a private cloud, and it will fail.
  • Hosted private clouds will outnumber internal clouds 3:1.
  • Community clouds will arrive, thank to compliance. 
  • Workstation applications will bring HPC to the masses. 
  • Cloud economics gets switched on. Being cheap is good. 
  • The BI gap will widen.
  • Information is power and a new profit center. 
  • Cloud standards still won’t be here — get over it. 
  • Cloud security will be proven but not by the providers alone. 

Cloud Computing: 2011 Predictions (CIO)

Cloud Service Providers

  • The CSP business explodes...and then implodes. 
  • Market Segmentation via Customer Self-Selection. 
  • OpenStack will come into its own. 
  • Cloud computing takes off in emerging economies. 
  • Continued rapid innovation by CSPs and SaaS companies. 


  • Focus on cost and transparency. 
  • More public/private cloud confusion. 
  • More hybrid cloud confusion.
  • Application architecture challenges.
  • IT operations challenges.

Cloud-computing predictions for 2011 (CNET)

  • Less focus on definitions (and dare we say hype?).
  • Getting down to work.
  • "Standards" still won't be.
  • Acquisitions of start-ups will continue apace. 
  • More nuance in security discussions. 

2011 Cloud Computing Predictions For CIO’s And Business Technology Leaders (Forbes)

  • Cloud Adopters Embrace Cloud For Both Innovation and Legacy Optimization.
  • General Trends Reflect Natural Maturation Of The Cloud Market.
  • SaaS (Consumption Layer) Emerges As The Primary Access To Innovation.
  • DaaS (Creation Layer) Addresses the App Dev Needs Of The Advanced Customer.
  • PaaS (Orchestration Layer) Focuses On Simplifying Connectivity And Delivering New Technologies.
  • IaaS (Infrastructure Layer) Aims To Reduce Complexity And Simplify Management.
  • The Bottom Line: Cloud Adoption Provides A Path To The Next Generation Enterprise.

Cloud Computing: 11 Expert Predictions for Cloud IT in 2011 (eWeek)

  • Mix of on-premise, cloud resources becomes norms.
  • VMware to face new challenges.
  • Consumer IT moves from virtual to real world.
  • More data than ever floods networks.
  • Cloud security takes a leap forward.
  • Saas goes mobile.
  • Cloud brings newrisk factors.
  • Cloud data protection is job one.
  • Enterprises continue to move from cloud concept to production.
  • Windows 7 migration continues upswing.
  • IT goes social in global small business.

Top 5 Predictions on Cloud Computing for 2011 (DoubleCloud)

  • The focus of cloud computing will gradually shift from IaaS to PaaS.
  • Many more mergers and acquisitions (M&As) will take place
  • Virtualization will continue to play a pivotal role in transforming IT infrastructure.
  • Cloud and mobile computing will cross-empower each other.
  • Customers will demand cloud interoperability and portability.