Easter 2014 at XWiki

Apr 18 2014

Both the French and the Romanian teams celebrated Easter this year at the office!

At Paris, the XWiki team was engaged in the "Easter Egg Hunt" activity, having to gather as many chocolate eggs as possible. The competition was fun as the eggs were well hidden all around the office and the time was limited! When the time came to an end, two of the XWikiers who had equal scores entered in a finale to fight for the big prize! In the end, the winner managed to obtain 8 chocolate eggs and the whole team managed to find 47 eggs out of 60!  

Angry birds_Paris Office.jpg  Ben_the winner.JPG 

At Iasi, the Easter Bunny came with a very sweet surprise: eggs, small bunnies, little chickens all made out of chocolate! The XWiki team got together to enjoy the "Easter Sweet Day" at the office and share the Easter Bunny presents!

Goodies XWiki.jpg Iustin_killing the rabbit.JPG  

We now all have the needed energy to enjoy great holidays together with our families and friends!

Happy Easter everyone!