Jul 04 2011

Enterprise 2.0: Key Steps For Successful Implementation

Implementing an entreprise collaboration platform is not easy and is different from other projects. So, what can you do to give a chance to your project to be a success? In his article, Karthik Chakkarapani gives the key strategy steps and activities to follow. A true check-list!

  • STEP 1: Develop a compelling Strategy
  • STEP 2: Develop a strong Business Case
  • STEP 3: Develop a Road map/Implementation Plan
  • STEP 4: Form a Steering Committee (Advisory council or Governance Committee)
  • STEP 5: Understand the Current Environment
  • STEP 6: Define Requirements & Design
  • STEP 7: Evaluate Vendors & Select the right Platform/Solution
  • STEP 8: Develop an Adoption Strategy & Plan
  • STEP 9: Develop Communication, Marketing, Change management & Training plans
  • STEP 10: Implement Solution & Adoption Strategies
  • STEP 11: DO Communication & Marketing
  • STEP 12: Conduct Training
  • STEP 13: Listen, Monitor and Analyze Usage
  • STEP 14: Do Continuous Improvements and Changes
  • STEP 15: Partner & Collaborate with the Vendor

We will come back on some of these steps in coming posts, on the way our customers make the promotion of their project.