Ever Seen A Lip Dub ?

Apr 14 2008

I just fell on a Lip Dub - again. They've seemingly taken over the corporate world, with new ones popping out on a regular basis for no specific reason whatsoever. Some of them are quite good, others less so. It looks like the original one was this one :

At least, according to the Offic Lip Dub website that lists a great number of those videos.

The next one has a special significance, because it was recorded by AOL employees who got dumped from their Paris office. It got a lot of publicity after being mentioned on Valleywag - apparently an unusual feat. for AOL-related news !

The title of the video, "L'amour à la française", which is also its musical theme, means something akin to "Love the French way". AOL, your (former) employees got style ! For the record, the black panel you can see in the background at the end of the video reads "Office space to rent".

The last video shows how BDDP & Fils, a French communication company, publicized their office move to Barbès, a district of Paris that doesn't quite add-up with "Chic".

You can access many more of these videos at Office Lip Dub. I'm leaving now, guess what I have to do ?