Fabrice Morisseau is joining XPertNet, The XWiki Company !

Jan 30 2007

The XPertNet team would like to welcome Fabrice, who started working with us a few days ago. After 5 years spent working freelance in Hong-Kong, he will join our clients development team. He knew Ludovic while they were working together at NetValue (which has been bought by Nielsen/Netratings since) and will bring a useful hand to our development processes.

Fabrice is used to work with numerous Open-Source software (such as J2EE, Jakarta, Apache, Linux Redhat and Mandriva, MYsql and PHP). He worked on the development of a wiki solution some time ago and we are glad to have his input on XWiki. He has already started working on the Cap Digital project and will soon start delivering useful bits of code to XWiki.

Once again Fabrice, welcome to XWiki! All the team is glad to see you there.