Giving back to the community: Maison du Libre & des Communs Paris

Apr 13 2018

This blog post is not published yet.

Here, at XWiki, we think that transparency is the key to working on an open source project, and it is fundamental to boost collaboration between people. We believe that an open world where collaboration is the norm would be a greater place for everyone, from individuals to businesses or institutions.

Idealism alone won't solve the problems our society currently has, so we have decided to reach out to those determined to change it and help out. Therefore, we are proud to announce that XWiki has financially contributed to the crowdfunding of Maison du Libre & des Communs Paris, helping them achieve their 25.000 euro goal.

It will be a space for ​​innovation and knowledge for all the hackers, makers, coders, entrepreneurs, lawyers or associations that want to donate their knowledge to build solutions that benefit the public domain. 

A few words from the founders from La Paillasse Biohackerspace: "Today the free and open communities need to come together to pool resources and create even more impactful projects - together. Since its opening in 2014, La Paillasse has always been accessible in a benevolent and free way to the members of the communities of free software, citizen science, carriers of technological and social innovation projects. All those who contribute to the sharing of knowledge have always found in La Paillasse attentive listening and availability of space to mobilize and develop their projects."

You can contribute to the initiative here, or show your appreciation here.