Instant Messenging in XWiki

Nov 02 2005

XWiki just got upgraded and now has some default macros of Instant Messenging Presence indicators for Jabber, Skype, AIM, Yahoo and MSN.

You just need to put:

CodeExample IDCommentsResult
#jabber("yourid")ldubost@jabber.orgAdd to your list of users#jabber("")" style="border: none;">
ldubostregister on and add Jyve01 to your list of users" style="border: none;">
#aim("yourid")nvludomake sure you accepted anybody to contact you in the security preferences#aim("nvludo")" alt="yahoo yourid" />
ludovicmake sure you accepted anybody to contact you in the yahoo profile" alt="yahoo ludovic" />
#msn("yourid") #msn("")

Please note that not all these presence Indicators are run by the respective Instant Messenging networks. They (and of course myself) cannot give guarantees that it works all the time. At the time of posting this note, the Skype presence for my account is incorrect since I'm online like on the other networks.