JIO and WebViewers: interoperability  for Javascript and Web Applications

Oct 09 2013

Here are the slides of a talk given by Ludovic Dubost and Viktor Horvath (from Alixen) at the Open World Forum. This talk had the objective of presenting JIO and WebViewers, two open specifications which help integrate Javascript document viewers with Web Applications including CMS, Wikis, Collaborative Applications.

About JIO and WebViewer

  • JIO is a specification that allows compatible Javascript applications to open documents on any JIO compatible server in a standard way. The talk demonstrated the connection between OfficeJS, Mioga2 and XWiki servers.
  • WebViewer is a specification that allows to write Javascript document viewers (PDF, Spreadsheets, SVG) that can be automatically used by compatible Web Applications to view and edit the content of the supported file formats. The talk demonstrated PDF and Spreadsheets viewers embedded in multiple applications including XWiki and Mioga2.