Joining The Open Source Conversation

Apr 07 2011

XWiki adopts an open source strategy for its solutions. The big open source discussions usually take place on the mailing lists, which are the main communication channels for the XWiki community

Types of Mailing Lists

There are three mailing lists you can post to:

  • users AT For questions about using XWiki, suggestions for improvements, ideas, etc.
  • devs AT For the XWiki development itself.
  • notifications AT All SVN commits diff, JIRA issues and Continuous Build failures are sent to this list. XWiki developers must be subscribed to this list to follow what's going on.

Before sending mails to any of the lists mentioned above you'll need to subscribe. To learn more about the dynamics of an open source mailing list you can read these tips.


The XWiki mailing lists can can be also accessed as a forum by using Nabble in Embedded mode or Gmane.


XWiki lists are archived on:


In XWiki all major decisions are taken on the mailing lists. However, if you have a question or prefer to chat, you can join the XWiki IRC channel. The chat rooms are publicly logged. You can find the XWiki chat archives on this page.

Read more about the XWiki and its commitment to open source in the Community section. If you go to the website you can find the full list of ways to contribute to the XWiki Open Source project.