Journey To The East

Jul 27 2007


XWiki's first contact with Romania came about 2 years ago, during the first edition of Google's Summer of Code program. That's when a young and gifted software engineer started contributing a great charting plugin to the XWiki project. He came back in 2006 and eventually went on to become a XWiki project mentor during this summer's edition. 

Sergiu was joined by Marta, who worked on XWiki's brand new 1.0 interface in 2006 and by Catalin, who's currently writing numerous tests for XWiki and Evelina, who's adding AJAX improvements to XWiki's interface. Their contributions to our Open-Source project have been quite useful, providing XWiki users with a better browsing experience.


Sergiu & Marta discussing with Vincent, XWiki's Tech Lead

Their achievements convinced us that Romania was one of the current Software Development hotspots. This is why we decided to setup XWiki Iasi, interviewing students from Paris with the help of Sergiu. I have the pleasure to announce that we just hired 2 young and talented software developers: Marius & Anca, we're glad to count you in! We're looking forward to the improvements you'll be bringing to our Open-Source solutions.


Iasi, Romania, the city Sergiu & Marta come from. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Our task of creating a whole new structure there was eased through of Comitium's services, a company specialized in helping companies willing to start businesses in Romania.

In the meanwhile Sergiu decided to come to France, he'll be pursuing a thesis at Nancy University in France, financed by XWiki.