L10N reaches 50000 contributions! Join us!

Jan 10 2011

The XWiki ecosystem includes several projects. To enable as many people as possible to use our solutions in optimal conditions, it is essential to provide them translated and adapted interfaces. Therefore, a site dedicated to the translation has been created

The site is collaborative. Everyone can contribute, depending on her time and according to the language(s) she masters. XWiki is already available in over 24 languages (French and English of course, but also Romanian, Spanish, Italian, German and many others), yet some versions still need to be completed

Any language missing? You can easily add it. 

The site has now more than 50,000 contributions. Thank you to all our contributors! If you also want to help, here's how you can do that:

And if you wonder why it would be nice to participate in the localization of XWiki solutions, here are some arguments that could convince you:

  • you can use XWiki in your language 
  • you can join a dynamic and friendly community
  • you can learn to work as a team 
  • you can exchange and discuss with cool people 
  • you can contribute to the success of an open source software