Launch of the new default XWiki

Apr 02 2005

I'm happy to announce the launch of the new default wiki ! From now on when you create a new wiki you will get many new features pre-installed in your Wiki as well as a new Admin page giving one click access to most administration features.

The new features available with new default wiki are:

  • a blog on your home page, with categories !
  • a simple photo album system 
  • users are shown in the toolbar and have profile pages
  • a calendar event page
  • a tool to create web presentations
  • a preconfigured skin

And of course you still get all the XWiki features !

The new default wiki is available in english and french. Don't hesitate to contact the Support if you find any problems.

UPDATE: for those already having a wiki, there is unfortunately no simple way to migrate content. However if you don't have too many pages, you can create a new wiki, copy over your content to the new wiki and ask me to redirect your old wiki name to the new wiki.