Learn PAd partners met in Ölten, Switzerland

Jan 12 2015

On January 8 and 9 2015, all the Learn PAd consortium members got together for a work session in the FHNW school located in Ölten, Switzerland. The meeting occurs every 3 months and on this occasion participants presented the latest improvements, progress and new ideas. The latest meeting was the last one before the first year review by the European Union. The focus was on planning what will be demonstrated at the end of March review, a first prototype of a simple use case of the project.


The day before the global meeting (on the 7th), we also had a work session with two of the partners.  The goal was to fine-tune the description of the platform's architecture. The session was reawarding and we even gained a new XWikier!


These meetings are also a good occasion to meet the new people in each team and get to know the environment in which the partner who is hosting the meeting works in. Ölten is a small city, but we really enjoyed the stay and it seems like a very nice place to live in.