Sep 12 2011

Safely migrating from other wikis to XWiki: it's possible!

A wiki often starts as a small project and as the project matures there is a growing need for more complex features and additional flexibility. While the wiki you are using may be suitable for a small project, faced with this new challenge often it is a good idea to opt for a new solution that can accommodate your growing collaboration needs. But how do you migrate content safely to a different wiki without having to start everything from scratch?

When choosing to migrate to XWiki you have nothing to worry about. For example if you're already using MediaWiki (the platform behind Wikipedia) and want to migrate to XWiki, our team already has a formal process set up to do this. Several in-place programs allow you to import data that you have exported from MediaWiki to XWiki.

Running this migration usually requires four steps:

  1. Exporting the data from Mediawiki;
  2. Converting pages to XWiki 2.0 Syntax (XWiki and Mediawiki don't share the same syntax)
  3. Downloading images and attachments from Mediawiki;
  4. Importing all the content to XWiki and recreating the original architecture.

This migration may have some limitations, but can be easily done with the help of our developers. A successful migration will often require a "customized" process, depending on the particularities of your project.

The same type of work can be performed when migrating from other wiki-based solutions. Our developers have been working for a few months on an universal prototype of importer / exporter and when this is finished the migration process will be even easier.

By choosing XWiki you'll be working on the next generation wiki, a collaborative solution that's easier to user and more organized. For more information about our solutions and the migration process contact us and we'll be happy to provide additional information.