New Annotations Feature with XWiki Enterprise

Apr 28 2010

We are happy to introduce the new annotations feature starting with XWiki Enterprise 2.3 M1. Making, editing and deleting annotations has never been easier.

Make annotations

To make an annotation to a piece of text all you have to do is select the text, hit "Ctrl + M" and a dialog will appear where you may enter the text you want to associate with the selection. Click "Add annotation" and you're done.


Show annotations

By default annotations are not shown within the page. You may change this at any time by clicking the annotations link at the top of the page and checking "Show Annotations".


To see an annotation for a text item hover over the yellow icon next to it.


Edit/Delete annotations

You can edit an annotation straight from the page. Hover over the annotation and click on the yellow pen. Once you are done with the changes click "Update". To delete the annotation click on the red "X" button.


Now that you've seen a short description of what the annotations feature can do you may want check out the documentation page and the release notes for more information, or better yet download the latest XWiki Enterprise and try it for yourself. We'd love to hear your feedback.