New Color Theme Editor with XWiki Enterprise

Apr 15 2010

With the release of XWiki Enterprise 2.3 Milestone 1 we are happy to introduce a new color theme editor that allows fast and easy modifications for the look and feel of the wiki. The following is a quick overview:

Seeing existing themes

Changes have been brought to the display of the "Color Themes" space home. Where previously there was only a list of color themes you can now see a description of each theme.


Creating a new theme

You may create new themes straight from the "Color Themes" space home.


Editing a theme

When editing a theme hover over an area you'd like to edit and a palette will appear in the bottom left corner. Hover over the pallete and you'll be able to see everything you can customize at this level.


When you click on the pallete a different popup appears where you can make the desired changes.


If you're not satisfied with one or more changes at this level you can click the green arrows to revert the modifications. Should you not like any of the changes made since you started editing the theme you can always click the "Reset" button in the top right corner and start again. 

Once you're happy with the modifications all you have to do is click "Save & View", refresh the page and you'll be able to see the changed theme. You may use the new theme at any time after that. 


This is a short overview of the Color theme application. You can find more details on the documentation page and by reading the release notes. All that remains is for you to download XWiki Enterprise and discover all its cool, new features for yourself.