The new Chat Application - try it out!

Jan 06 2014

The new Chat Application uses XMPP as a chat protocol to achieve real-time communication straight from the browser. The chat uses the Candy Javascript UI to integrate with a Vysper XMPP server which is embedded in XWiki.

Once you install the application you'll notice the Chat UI is added at the bottom left of every XWiki window and a group is created for the wiki and for the current page. Chats persist until the restart of the application server.


The chat application is loaded on top of XWiki.

This chat application also supports WebRTC video conferencing, which means a user can be called using WebRTC (only available with Google Chrome for now). The video conferencing capabilities were also presented during the WebRTC Conference in Paris.


Video conference

Try it out

The XMPP Chat Application provides a simple way to chat straight from the wiki. You can install it by following these installation instructions.

You can also check out the extensions wiki for more cool applications.