New hosting for is coming soon

Nov 02 2005 has had some performance issue in the recent weeks due to the growing success of the wiki offering. We also had a hardware failure last Friday which was fixed during the night, showing the current level or reliability available on the platform.

First, I'd like to reassure you about the safety of the data. Regular backups of the wiki databases are performed and copied to a different place.

Now we of course want to improve the reliability of the platform and allow more people to join the great wiki adventure.

I'm pleased to announce that I have find a new hosting for at Software Libre in Holland (XWiki will become truly international this way !). Software Libre is as we are involved in the Open Source community as their Zero Profit Model has the goal to reinvest their commercial proceeds on Open Source.

We will there have more powerful hardware and memory, better reliability using redundant servers, better safety using mirrored disks, better capacity using bigger disks and more power as well as better bandwidth.

The migration won't happen overnight since we still have many details to workout to make sure everything works find. We will inform you if there is any service downtime.