Organizing recruitment with the new Recruitment Application

Sep 05 2013

How many times have you browsed through hundreds of CVs and emails, thinking there's got to be a better way to go through this mountain of information? The fact is the recruitment process is considerably more complicated when you've got information scattered between your email, recruitment websites, spreadsheets and offline data.

This month we're happy to present the brand new XWiki Recruitment application which aims to help HR teams to:

  • Organize candidate applications
  • Keep track of job postings

Three simple ways to organize your recruitment information:

1. Add all your job postings to the Recruitment application

This allows you to have all your jobs information in one place. You'll also be able to easily filter announcements by Validation (Draft / First Review / Final Review / Approved) and by Status (Active / Inactive / Prospect).


2. Create candidate profiles and link them to the job postings

Candidate profiles have three areas:

  • The "Personal Information" tab where you can add data about the people you interview and the job they're applying to.
  • The "Candidate Application" area where you may attach the cover letter, CV, as well as info regarding the sourcing process.
  • The "Evaluations" tab where interviewers may offer their opinion on the candidates and grade their performance.


3. Easily find job applicants

The livetable on the Recruitment application homepage allows you to filter candidates by:

  • Name
  • Office
  • Job Posting
  • Status
  • Source
  • Date


Try it out

The recruitment application provides a simple, yet powerful way to organize your recruitment processes. You can easily install it in your wiki by following these installation instructions.

New to XWiki?

Try out XWiki and the Recruitment application by creating a free cloud wiki and manually installing the application.

You can also check out the extensions wiki for more cool applications.